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No longer back to sleep after early a.m. feeding

My LO has (almost) always gone back to sleep after I nurse him around 5,5:30am until 6:30,7am. Typically sleeps 7:30p-then without waking up. Lately he's not going back to sleep but is exhausted and cranky. Anybody gone through this?

Re: No longer back to sleep after early a.m. feeding

  • Yep. It's a phase. Wake up times will continue to keep changing so I would try to roll with it.
  • My LO's wake up time has drastically changed, but I think a huge part of it was my return to work. She used to also go back to sleep after the first nurse of the day, but stopped after I'd have to wake her up to nurse her before I left for work (6:45am). That was when she was 4 months old. Now she's 11 months old, and wakes up around 5:30am, but is also going to bed an hour+ earlier than she used to (7pm now). Many changes! I think going back to sleep after nursing in the morning is a young baby type of thing. But that's just my opinion
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  • My LO has been waking super early and wanting to play/ talk/ walk / anything but sleep. I think it's because she is walking now and wants to be up but I'm hoping it's a phase that will soon pass as it can be 4:00 she wants up...
  • Yes! It's the worst, right?? Going through it right now--just started about a week ago (right when she turned one). I assume it's a growth thing?
  • Anyone had any change in their babes early rising? Mine is still unsettled from 4 on like she's in super light sleep and can't fall back...
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