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Graves disease and untreated Hyperthyroidism

I was referred to a Perinatal Specialist and saw her for the first time on Monday. I was diagnosed with Graves disease and Hyperthyroidism about 1.5 years ago and was still in the process of getting my T levels balanced out and deciding whether to have an RAI uptake (can't do this now due to pregnancy) or Thyroidectomy.

The specialist ordered some labs to see where my levels are right now because I haven't seen my Endocrinologist since late June. I go back in 2 weeks to check baby again and then will go back in 6 weeks to check baby's throat and neck to make sure baby's thyroid isn't enlarged.

Has anyone else had experience with this? I kind of terrified. I was a little out of it when I was there on Monday so I didn't think to ask what would be done if the baby's thyroid is enlarged. I go for my regular OB visit tomorrow so I will ask her. I'm seeing the midwif(v?)e and would assume she'd know.

Re: Graves disease and untreated Hyperthyroidism

  • I have Graves disease too, and try not to stress. I effectively shocked my thyroid into behaving with beta blockers, inhibitors, and immune suppressors before pregnancy and now actually have to take a tiny dose of synthroid. The endocrinologist will monitor your TSH carefully and can give some types of treatment if it gets too low (overactive thyroid)... It's better to be hyper than hypo during pregnancy. Go over all the risks of having your thyroid removed surgically while pregnant, don't get scared or preasured into it. It will mean life long treatment and any surgery during pregnancy is high risk. Hope your TSH levels out. Pregnancy can make you stabilize because your body releases immune suppressora to keep your body from rejecting the baby... And if you have graves' its your immune system causing your thyroid to freak out. Your body is amazing and will do what it must to protect your baby... Remember that!
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  • Hi my DH and I had been TTC for 9 months when I was diagnosed with Graves.  It was a pretty big blow because not only could it be the reason we weren't getting pregnant, but unlike other infertility diagnosis it was recommended that we stop trying until I could get my levels normalized.  I didn't/still don't want to do RAI or surgery so I am doing the medicine for now.  But its a very long and frustrating waiting game.  I also have concerns that even if/when I get my levels normal, there is nothing to say that it doesn't come back at any point, especially once I do become pregnant and then will have to turn around and go back on the medicine. 
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