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Pacifier protest

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Hi guys, my little guy is 29 weeks and has always used the Soothies pacifiers. We just got new ones in the next age/size up but he's so stuck in love with the old 0-3 size and the one after that that he totally hates these ones! I get it, I don't blame the kid, the old ones are softer, the new ones have a thicker base for safety reasons. Has anyone had this issue and any tips on weaning him off the old and into the new? I'm not a fan of cold turkey or pulling comfort from him, call me a softie but I have a hard time. We don't want him using the small ones now that he's teething esp and likes to knaw on the base edge. He's kind of take it or leave it with pacifiers, never been super dependent, but it helps him get to sleep sometimes so it sucks that he won't take it, I want to give him the old one just for sleeps sake!

Re: Pacifier protest

  • I honestly would just ditch them all together! Now is your chance so you don't have to wean him off later.
  • We had the exact same issue.  Our little one would scream bloody murder if I tried to give her the larger sized pacifier and she would just spit out the regular nuks.   It came to the point where she would start to fold the entire pacifier in her mouth and I was afraid she was going to start to choke.   So I visited the local Wal-Mart to see if there was anything that could maybe work and I found one!  Its called First Years Gumdrop.  It's got the same style of the Soothie but it is rated for 6-18 months and has the hard outside like a Nuk pacifier so there is no chance for her to choke.   The first time I put it in her mouth she fell right asleep.    All happy campers here :) 
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  • Thank you, I'll check those out!
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