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Trying again after loss

I had a D and C on October 23rd, I should of been over 9 weeks and the baby had no heartbeat and was only measuring a little over 6 weeks.  I had my 2 week check up last Thursday and the doctor said go try again and I will see you soon.  I was like really I can try again already, she said yes no need to wait. But try to wait until after your first period, which I said great!  

I wanted know if anyone got pregnant before their first period?  Got caught up in the moment last night and after I was like crap we didn't use a condom lol.  A little TMI I know but when you have been married 3 years together for 5 you're not used to condoms any more.  I obviously don't want to have any problems with our next try because I didn't wait long enough but thought I would ask, just in case :)  

Thank you

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