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Making Puree Combos

Any ideas on types of puree combos? 

If you make a combo... How much would you then feed?  If its 4oz of Fruit and 4oz of Veggie, would you mix and offer the 8oz? 

Re: Making Puree Combos

  • Are you asking one what store ought purees to mix or do you want recipes for making them? For store bought, there's plenty of options already mixed. For homemade, I often used this website for baby food recipes:

    The total amount of what I fed LO was generally about the same, whether I was feeding a single veggie, single fruit, or some combination. I made most of my baby food and then put them in 4 oz jars and froze. I never worried much about having each meal be a certain balance between fruits, veggies, protein, or grains. I just tried to keep a variety. For example, If LO would get a peach/cherry/quinoa mix in the afternoon, I would give him a veggie mix at dinner time.

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  • I also make my own purees (for the most part) and I just looked on the Gerber website for what kinds of combos they had and tried to imitate the same at home. I also just give them same amount about 3 oz, whether its a combo or single flavor. DS eats solids once at daycare and once at home for dinner and I try to make one more veggie forward and the other more fruit forward. I usually mix both with some type of grain, oatmeal/rice/quinoa. 

  • I made all my own purees but when I was struggle with combo ideas, I would go to target and look at the combos in the pre-made pouches. Then I would try to replicate that at home.

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  • Thank you for that information. Have you tried to make meat puree? How did that go?
  • I usually offer between 3-5 oz/meal depending on the time of day and how hungry he seems.  I just mix anything that seems to make sense and freeze them in ice cube trays so they're pre-portioned.  

    i've done meat purees, but I don't recommend it.  It's got a really weird consistency.  If you're gung-ho to do meat on your own, I recommend making homemade soup and then pureeing that.  The added liquid in the soup helps get the meat nice and smooth.  i've done chicken, turkey and ground meat (escarole soup) that way.  DS loves it.
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