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I feel like he's going to come early but I really want him to be born on his due date (Dec 24) but im so ready and anxious for him to be here. Does anyone else feel like this I hope I'm not alone

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  • We were told she will likely be coming earlier than her due date (12/25) but I know there is no actual way to determine this. It was just a guess from doctors. You're not alone. I think we're all anxious to meet our little ones! Just when the time is right. :)
  • I'm with you. I really think this boy is going to come about two weeks early, due 12/20. With my daughter I went into labor at 2-3am on my due date. We'll see though. With the last one, she was so calm and didn't move much the day before, the calm before the storm I suppose.
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  • I thought for sure my son was going to come early. Like by weeks.. But he ended up coming just two days before his due date!
  • Yep! In the same boat! Same due date as well...Time is going pretty fast though...
  • I feel the same way. I will be delivering at 39 weeks no matter what but for some reason I keep thinking I'm going to go by week 38. I don't want to.... But I just feel so different with this pregnancy.

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  • I'm due 12/8 but have felt since day one I'm going to go into labor the week of the 22nd. No real reasoning there, especially in light of the fact I've never gone into labor on my own. It's always the wait and see game with these little ones, even when you know you will deliver no later than a certain date/week.
  • My original due date was November 27 and I feel like that is more accurate. I keep thinking he's going to come any day now. Hopefully he stays put at least until the 22nd though because hubby is working 16 hours away from home until then!!
  • Likewise, though I'm not sure. My due date is the 18th or so (US says 25th), but I feel like I'm going to go any day now. 

    With my first pregnancy, I thought I would go early, since my sister did, but I actually went a week late (went into labor the morning I was scheduled to be induced). But I never had any BH with that pregnancy, and this time I am, so.... who knows.

    Just have to wait and see and pray that you aren't somewhere really inconvenient! 
  • I've had a feeling for 3-4 months now that we will go early with our daughter Adela, due 12/4. Originally I was hoping for the 3rd but I don't think we will make it until December. His mom thinks she will arrive on the 18th, which coincidentally is the day of my next appointment lol I work a factory job tho and they have been working us extremely hard lately. I know that doctors/midwives want babies to make it to week 37 before arrival and I am 36 weeks today. I'm hoping that she will make it at least till next Friday but my braxton Hicks have picked up and multiplied from like 1-2 times a day to about 8-12 times a day if not more in the past few days.. It worries me. I am very anxious to meet her indeed as this is my first child but I worry for her safety if she does come too early.
  • I had a gut feeling that my daughter was going to be early. Her original due date was Sep 1. I thought she would come during the last week of August. She was over a week late and if I hadn't been induced, I have no idea how late she would've been.


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  • I'm the opposite as most of you... I'm due Dec 3 and since I have GD my OB isn't letting me go past my due date. I have a feeling I'll be induced. I wasn't dilated or anything last appointment and I was 35+4, which is still early but I have a feeling I have a stubborn child like I was and she's nice and comfy in there. They'll probably have to go in and fish her out, and I'm ok with that!
  • Bh are normal and not necessarily a sign of labor. It's your body practicing. And in cases, your body telling you to drink more water and take it easy. :)

    I've had bh with both pregnancies, since early 20's. Carried DS until 37 wks. And still going strong at 33 now. And bh suck! (I've also had many bouts of real contractions which I couldn't talk though, but they went away on their own with time, rest and water)
  • Why do you ladies (and/or your doctors) think your babes are coming early? Just wondering!
  • All of my siblings with the exception of my youngest sister were born 2-3 weeks before their due dates. Obviously there is no way to tell if it can be genetic, but I'm having everything ready by 37 weeks to be on the safe side. Hoping he stays put and continues to develop on the inside, though :)
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    My doctors have been saying I could go anyday for weeks now because of my short cervix, but so far I've been hanging in. Now they are telling me how "funny" it would be that after all this they have to induce me at 41 weeks. I told them that I'd rather have that problem than a premature NICU baby. So I do doubt I'll make it to my due date, but who knows... Maybe our LO will surprise everyone yet again after being conceived naturally after 2 failed IVFS :-)

    Edited to add: Congrats @steffany928!
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  • I hope my baby doesn't come early!!! I don't have a nursery and am currently not in the living arrangement I hope to be in when baby is due! :)

    But I am starting to get jealous, since my primary due date was Dec 30th and was bumped up to Dec 26th.. Either way soo many of you bumpers are going to be having your LOs before I have mine!! Haha. :)
  • I agree with @313Meg. While my issue means I'm more likely to deliver early, I pray that I do make it a full 40 weeks, at the same time knowing that I'm already further along than they expected. After doing a lot of research on what the effects of premature delivery have on a baby I would never wish that for any reason. I tell my little girl to keep on cooking everyday!
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  • I'm due 12/2, I had DD at 39 1/2 weeks but I'm telling myself this will definitely be a December baby because then if she comes a little early it'll be a fun surprise and if not I won't drive myself crazy come December! And I agree with @313Meg as close to 40 weeks as possible is best! DD was 6 lbs at almost 40 weeks, I'm so glad she cooked as long as she did!
  • My original due date was Nov 21 then was moved back to Dec 1. My OB has said since DS's delivery she would like to go early, possibly inducing at 39 weeks, and has been growing increasingly anxious as we get closer. Even knowing this I've had it stubbornly in my head for months that she won't be born until Dec. So I'm kind of the opposite of most here. As ready as I may be, I'm praying to keep her in as long as possible (or as close to her due date as possible anyway).
  • I'm a FTM and my LO's DD is 12/16. For the past 3 or 4 months though I've had some kind of "gut feeling" that she'll be born sometime around Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day I'll be 37w1d so that wouldn't be too too early, but I absolutely want her to cook as long as possible.

    I've also had people, both family and total strangers, ask me pretty much since week 20 or so if I'm due anytime, or if I'm sure I only have one baby in there. Everyone seems to think with the way I'm carrying her that I won't last too long.

    I wasn't very big to start out with before I got pregnant (5'1", 110 pounds or so and I've always been a size 0 or a 1) so I guess I just keep thinking she's running out of room so fast in there that she's gonna get uncomfortable and decide to come out sooner rather than later.

    Regardless, I'm going to make sure I have everything done that I need to have done for her arrival by the time Thanksgiving hits, just in case...
  • I'm due 12/20 and since week 28 I have been saying I have a feeling that he's going to be early. No particular reason, just a feeling!
  • I am really hoping to go full-term with this pregnancy. DS was born at 35 weeks due to IUGR and pre-e/placental abruption with a medically necessary induction. It is weird to me to think that I am STM but feel sort of like a FTM since I have no idea what it feels like to go into labor naturally, but I really do want to know what that feels like and let her come when she is ready. I've already made it a week longer than DS's pregnancy and that feels really good. I do have everything set-up for arrival and our bags packed. I will just need to throw in a few last minute items and pack DS's overnight bag before going the 2 miles to the hospital.
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