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Wondering if i should stop working

I am 34 weeks with fraternal boys....my hands and feet keep swelling and i am getting very little sleep....so i am exhausted and i have gained 40lbs....i am just not feeling great....not sure if my doc will write me out of work..i am just not sure if any of this grounds for stopping work early... for those who stopped work early..what was the reason?

Re: Wondering if i should stop working

  • I don't know about the doc signing anything to help with leave time, but the worst they could say is not yet. It definitely wouldn't hurt to ask about it. Personally I am glad to be done with school at 32 weeks so I will be home and resting at that point. I'd say by 34 I will not want to do much of anything.

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  • I can't say anything about stopping work with experience. I was in the exact same boat, but I pushed through. I worked right up until the day before delivery at 38w2d. I didn't want to give up any loa time without my girls. My state doesn't give you any extra time before baby comes. My doctor said she'd start my loa if I felt I couldn't work anymore. I chose to keep working, and I am on my feet all day. Best of luck whatever you choose to do!

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  • my doctors were happy to write me off work when I'd had enough. That was around 32 weeks. 
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  • It doesn't hurt to ask. The worst they could say is no. I'm stopping 4 weeks before I deliver.
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  • I wouldn't consider 34 weeks with twins stopping "early". You're so close to full term, I think it would be perfectly reasonable to stop work now. At 34 weeks I was on bedrest, and feeling pretty miserable. It would have been very hard to work that late in my twin pregnancy. 

    It was actually with my first (singleton) that I stopped working, early(ish). It was at about 36 weeks, and I just decided it was time. I was teaching, and it was just getting too hard to be on my feet all day. So, I stopped working. But, I had been planning to be a SAHM anyways. 
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  • I stopped at 28 weeks due to a physical job. My OB was happy to write me a note to stop and I'm so glad I did.

    The way I saw it, yeah it's only 28 weeks but I'm measuring 6 weeks ahead pretty consistently so it would be like someone pregnant with a singleton stopping when they were 34 weeks. Pretty standard in my line of work!
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