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Fenugreek is making my baby fussy!

My LO is 14 weeks and she's EBF, I work part time, but would like to build up my supply. I started taking Fenugreek and LO got super gassy and fussy,and night time has been horrible she is so fidgety. I took 3 pills 1 day and the following day I took 2 after seeing her react, I stopped and it took about 1 week to get it out of my system (I figured it did when I stopped smelling like syrup) then LO went back to being super happy and not fussy. I wasn't sure if it was the Fenugreek or the teething, or going through a leap. So I tried just one pill on Monday... And low and behold she became fussy again and would scream in pain from the gas. We gave her gripe water to help. It's still in my system because she's still fussy. The Fenugreek did wonders and my supply was up, but I don't want to make my LO go through that again. Any other lactation support you can give? I'm taking mother milk tea which has a bit of fenugreek but I've been drinking that from the beginning and she doesn't seem effected by the low dosage or because the other ingredients mask the Fenugreek... Has any other mommy's had this problem? Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Fenugreek is making my baby fussy!

  • Fenugreek made my stomach hurt, and my LO (with my first). I used to eat steel cut oats for supply, and there are good recipes on the Internet for lactation cookies (yum) you could try?
  • If you don't mind spending $20 to try it, Honest Co's Lactation Plus pills combine fenugreek with another supplement that is supposed to counteract the negative effects of fenugreek. Maybe it's the marshmallow root? I forget what but I'm taking the pills, they work moderately well and LO is less fussy than when I take fenugreek alone.
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  • I use mothers milk aide it's only my second day, but I am definitely seeing an increase in supply
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