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Dizzy spells?

Just a few weeks ago I started getting dizzy spells. I will feel like I will faint, my head gets super light and dizzy, I lose hearing in my right ear for maybe 20-30 seconds, then it comes back and it's muffled, then I have a ringing in my ear that lasts maybe 1 minute. What could this be?
It happens once every few days now. It scares me because if I'm holding my DD I have to immediately set her on the floor and lie down next to her to avoid hurting us.

Re: Dizzy spells?

  • Could be hormonal or anxiety, maybe an ear infection? Hope it passes soon hun, maybe go to the doctors if it continues xxx
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  • You should probably talk to your Dr. After my 3rd I got intense and sudden dizzy spells. Turns out I was very vitamin D deficient. I had to be on a special dosage until they got my levels back up to where the should be. Pregnancy and BFing are very demanding on the body.
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  • Did you have an epidural ? Because I had this and it turns out I had a csf leak due to a breach from.the epidural
  • I had them. My dr. Told me more water and more calories. If you are BF you are burning alot of calories.
  • I've had dizzy spells like this since college. I went to the ER once because I almost passed out in the shower. They did a tilt table test & found out I have vasodepressor syncope (my heart right rises & blood pressure drops causing me to faint). It's worse if you're on your feet for awhile. You need to drink plenty of water, not let your blood sugar get too low & avoid alcohol & caffeine.
  • I did not have an epidural, gave birth with no pain meds. This just makes me so depressed because I want to BF until my DD is at least a year old. But I feel so weak all the time. And I eat a very healthy diet, of course I have my days where I eat lots of yummy junk food, and I also drink 12+ cups of water. Idk what else to do! I am doing everything "right". I just feel like it's not enough.
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    Sometimes it's not about doing everything "right." Dizziness is a symptom of a lot of different things and can be serious. While pregnant and BFing baby gets everything she needs from you, which can make what's left not enough for you. Talk to your doctor.

  • @vita92 are you feeling any better?
  • @banfrog yes! Thank you for asking. I was seen by my doctor, loaded up with IV fluids, a lot of rest and food. Taking things slow and easy now.
  • @vita92 glad to hear it.
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