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How much breastmilk?

I just started pumping to get my LO used to bottles, if I am going to give her a bottle, how much should I give? She usually eats from both sides day and night, but I have no idea how much she gets. She is 6 weeks today.

Re: How much breastmilk?

  • Mine is 2 months, and I've been meeting with a lactation consultant; she said an 8 week old can take up to 4-5 oz per feeding. Not sure about 6 weeks but maybe this can give you a frame of reference.
  • I just went back to work last week and we figured out my 7 week old does 4 and 5oz bottle during the day.
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  • I saved this from a thread awhile back. I am not sure how correct it is, but I use it as a guide line.
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