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Feeding/Pumping from only 1 side

My left breast does not produce while my right breast produces a little. Can I effectively dry up one breast while maintaining my supply in the other? I don't make much, maybe 2 ounces each time from the right but I figure that's better than zero. Anyway, I was pumping both sides anyway even though I only got drops from the left but it seems like a waste of time and pain.

Re: Feeding/Pumping from only 1 side

  • Yes you can dry up one side and still feed from the other
  • My left is going strong and my baby is able to exclusively BF just from that side (baby is 18 weeks). My right never produced more than 20 mL at any pump session, and it gradually got less and less until I just gave up. Haven't nursed or pumped righty for at least 6 weeks, but it still leaks at let down. Frustrating!
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