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Will pads for bladder leakage work for vaginal bleeding?

My sweet DH picked up a pack of Always for me for post-DnC, but they're for bladder leakage.  Serious question! I hate to waste them but I also don't want to use if they won't work. How different can they be right?  My DnC is tonight, we lost our baby at 12 weeks yesterday. 

Re: Will pads for bladder leakage work for vaginal bleeding?

  • I am so sorry about your loss. I have not tried those, after my d&c I didn't bleed much and just used the always pads with wings, but I can imagine that they should hold up if your bleeding isn't too heavy. However, to be safe maybe get the normal pads, some people bleed for a couple of weeks. Take care! Tell me how it went. I have my second d&c (after my second loss) Monday, I hope it goes as smoothly as my last one.
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  • I had some for the leakage while I was pregnant and used what I had left for postpartum bleeding, so I think you'll be fine to use them.
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  • The d&c went well.  I was pretty anxious about it but it went as well as I could hope.  They gave me some precautionary pain meds as I was waking up, but I haven't had any pain at all, not even cramping.  My bleeding was really light and after the first day it's just been a very light clear or pale discharge.  The dr said it could get heavier during the week so I'm waiting to see.  But physically I feel fine.  I've had some trouble sleeping and unisom has helped.  One thing that has helped emotionally is that we get to keep our baby's remains, after cremation.  I had thought it would be disposed of after the procedure, so I'm thankful that's not the case.  Good luck with your procedure, klauerinaking

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