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New born blues????

Had my beautiful baby girl on the 26th 15min of pushing 10 pushes all together easy peasy. I don't want anyone else touching my baby. (No she's not my first and I didn't go through this with my son.) I feel like every time I'm holding her my husband takes her from me I haven't gotten my one on one skin to skin with her I really just want my time alone and I can't get it. Is this normal? Am I going crazy? Why do I feel this way am I the only one. Why do I feel so alone when it comes to this.

Re: New born blues????

  • I haven't felt like this, but then I had my one on one skin to skin with DS, and I generally ask DH to hold DS so I can get something done, and i can't think of a single instance where he has taken him off me, without being asked. (he's nearly 6 weeks old)

    So I guess my thought is, if you think back on things objectively, does your DH really keep taking baby off you? or do you in fact gets heaps of time with baby? If he does take baby off you a lot, what do you think is behind that? is he trying to give you a break? is he just in love with baby and wants to snuggle her?

    I think it's completely natural to want to just be with your baby all the time. It's how nature makes sure that we bond with them and care for them. So no, you're not crazy. Your hormones are all about you loving on that baby.

    Could you have a chat with DH about just needing to be with your baby, and him helping you in other ways like cooking dinner? Let him know that it's hormones and it will pass, and you appreciate what he does.

    If you're concerned about this being something more serious, then definitely talk to your doctor, but in the first instance, I would love on my baby and just keep an eye on things as your hormones settle over the next few weeks.

    Best wishes and congratulations on your baby!
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