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Is your baby a headbanger?

Hi ladies!
I have some confusion and undesisvness and knew I could come here to get some answers and various inputs.
My DS is 12 weeks & rolls over. He sleeps in his crib and always turns to sleep on his stomach. (We have the Angel Care monitor system for this very reason- highly recommend) anyway, he's able to inch worm (haha) his way around his crib moving every which direction. Because of this, he lifts up his head and bumps into the side crib railings, I've also seen him put his foot through the space between them and arm down in between the mattress and crib side. I'm now constantly checking on him throughout the night and day to see if I need to reposition him while he is sleeping away from the edge of the crib. A solution to this problem sounds like crib bumpers.... BUT obviously there are so many different opinions and risks associated with them. I was always against them until I saw my DS bop his head on the side of the crib, it worried me so much! (First time mom) I've been researching several different types of bumpers and my main dilemma is, the mesh breathable ones, yes with keep his arms and legs from slipping through the spaces, but won't really protect his head :( the pillow bumpers are a huge NO, and the classic style bumpers are risky with fresh air flow (so I've read) the best ones I've found so far are the wonder bumpers than zip up onto each individual rail. However once again, his arms and legs may still slip through with those... I've very torn and feel horrible not doing anything about this issue so I HOPE you guys can help me out to find a solution and I am not the only mommy with a "headbanger" baby lol. Thanks in advance ladies and I apologize for the novel.

Re: Is your baby a headbanger?

  • Sleep sacks will take care of legs slipping out, and probably reduce the movement. I'd try those first. They are safe for rollers. 

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  • Great idea! Thanks!!!
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  • Hope it works out for you so you can get back to restful sleep too! My oldest slept in a sleep sack until probably 18 months or so. Aden and Anais make a really nice lightweight one, just like their swaddling blankets.

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