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SAHM or Working?

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Just curious to see what the stats are.

SAHM or Working? 124 votes

Stay at home mom
38% 48 votes
Back at work
45% 56 votes
Going back to work in the near future
16% 20 votes

Re: SAHM or Working?

  • I work from home, an get to set my own schedule.
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  • I'm going back to work in a month :((
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  • Going back to work for the first time in 3 years on Monday. But thankfully, it's a position to work from home with my last company! Yay!
  • Thinking about going back when DD is close to a year. Having to find child care is so nerve wracking : /
  • Sahm, but I also am going to school full time for my undergrad.
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    Sahm, but I also am going to school full time for my undergrad.

    Me too!! I'm a stay at home mom and going to school to finish my undergrad. I'm also going back to work but I'm praying it's somewhere close to home and for starters just a few hours. My desire is to be able to stay with my little one for his first year but we will see because I also need to provide for him and help out! God has everything under control though. Good luck to all you mamas going back to work soon ! ;) regardless of its school or work Being a hard working mom pays off for the future of our little ones!
  • Will be going back to work... in Canada we have a one year maternity leave so thankful for that
  • I go back to work this Monday... Wahhhhh! Luckily, I was offered a new position last week. Going from ICU to PACU! I hear it's going to be waaaay easier so there's the bright side. NOT looking forward to being away from LO.

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  • Going back to work on Monday. I am kind of excited to be back in the real world using my brain more but I am sure going to miss my LO. I just wish I could take her with me! If only that were an option.

    Her grandmother is going to watch her and we have been practicing with the bottle all week, not going so well, so I hope that changes when I go back to work or I will be coming home to a cranky baby!
  • Kinda 2-3 days a week and stay home the rest. It's been a great balance for our family so far!
  • I am SO JEALOUS of you that get to stay home!!! I dread returning to work.

  • I have been back at work since the beginning of September.
  • qtjo5 said:
    I have been back at work since the beginning of September.
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  • Currently SAHM, hoping to build a music therapy practice where I can set my own hours starting in February.
  • SAHM. Was in hospitality management prior to giving birth, and really not happy in the industry anymore. I'm loving being home with DD. :) I'd say maybe in a year or two I'll return to work, but probably not what I was doing before.
  • Will be going back to work... in Canada we have a one year maternity leave so thankful for that

    You're so blessed!
  • I've been a stay at home mom since my DS was born. We saved for a few years before becoming pregnant so that one of us could be at home. Now with three kids it makes more financial sense than it did previously since daycare for 3 would cost much more than my old job paid.

    I love being a stay at home mom but I'm really looking forward to going back to work too. I want to start a part time job once our schedule calms down enough. I even thought maybe something seasonal would be fun.
  • I'm a mostly stay at home mom. I'm home Monday-Friday. My husband is home Saturday-Sunday. I only see my little guy for 1 feeding before I leve for work and not again until a middle of the night feeding. Those two days are tough. I'm gone 14 hours, but right now we can't afford for me to fully stay at home. I don't think I'd want to either. I worked hard for my degree and still want to use it. Though at some point I wouldn't mind not being gone 14 hours on the days I work.
  • I do both. I'm a stay at home mom but I have a photography business so in a way I make my own hours. I'm studying to be a psychologist so I'll be home for the first 3-4 years and go back to work. The photography business is a nice side thing, so I plan to keep that up :)
  • Been back to work since mid-september, I love my work but definitely miss LO during the day
  • I work but get to bring baby girl with me
  • I work 2 days a week and I'm gone from 5:30am until 8:30pm.


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  • I feel very, very lucky to be a SAHM.

    We need a federally-mandated maternity leave policy that promises moms and dads paid time off.  DH and I moved and I began a new job while pregnant; I didn't qualify for any leave after DD was born (FMLA or otherwise.)  It would have been impossible to breastfeed after returning to work within a week of the birth.
  • I've been back to work since early September. I actually am currently working two jobs, but they're both flexible. I often miss my LOs though. Sometimes I wish I could be a SAHM. :(
  • Back at work and feeling slightly guilty to admit that I am relieved to be back.  I absolutely love my son, but I also love my job and though it is exhausting and can be hard to commute (1+ hr each way), it has become "me time".  DS has also transitioned really well to the in-home daycare he is in, he comes home pretty happy every day which makes the transition back to work easier.
  • Mainly sahm but work one day a week in the office at the law firm I used to be a manager at. The rest ofthe time I am home and do some work from home when it fits my schedule. I'm also a consultant for Rodan + Fields so make my own hours doing that! I love being home with my two boys!
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