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Can someone help me get clarity on my immediate BFN?

I am trying to understand what happened during my MC so that I can start to track my cycles and move on. I've read of a lot of people who had to wait days/weeks to get a Negative pregnancy test, indicating their levels were back to normal. However, I got a negative test before I even knew I had a MC, and if anyone had any insight about that I'd love to hear. I will ask my Doctor, but I'm not seeing her for a few weeks.  

Details: I MC at 6 weeks 3 days, based on my LMP. The first test I took after my missed cycle showed two lines, not particularly bold or faint. I took a test the very next day and while there were two lines, this time the line was faint. I remember thinking, "That's funny, that second line should be a little bolder today than yesterday!" I chalked it up to diluted urine. I took another test the next day, this time a digital. It said PREGNANT. My husband said, "that's it- you're pregnant, you gotta stop testing!"

Ten days later, as I was adding to the "Friday's symptoms" Thread in the June 2016 birth group, I realized I had no symptoms to add. My only pregnancy symptom- sore boobs- had gone away. I'd never even been nauseous or fatigued. Then I had to pee and saw the faintest traces of blood. I tested again on the digital, just to reassure myself. It flashed "Not Pregnant." Just like that. From that moment on, the bleeding and cramping began.

It was such a surprise to see that negative test! The only thing I can imagine is that I really lost the pregnancy days before, and in those days my levels- which I suppose had never been high in the first place, had dropped. Still, the immediacy of that negative test, which I know some people wait weeks for, is puzzling. I know I just need to wait for my period to begin tracking again, but the control freak in me is very curious to know what's going on in there! 

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It's been a long road- Let's just say that! 

Re: Can someone help me get clarity on my immediate BFN?

  • That does seem a little strange, I was told to test 4 weeks from when my bleeding stopped and I should show a negative. I was 12 weeks so maybe it's like you said and your levels were low to start. I would maybe try the TTC board since most of them are watching for the Hcg to go away so they can try again and may have better answers for of luck and sorry for your loss
  • Thank you- I will take this over to TTC. Thanks! 
    Due with rainbow rainbow rainbow baby on 9/29/17
    It's been a long road- Let's just say that! 
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't think it's that strange. Your hcg was likely already falling when you got the fainter line. With an earlier mc there is not as much hcg to begin with, so it will be completely gone from your system faster. It's not necessarily unusual for hcg to start falling before you actually mc - the falling hcg is a sign that the pregnancy wasn't viable and growing the way it should have been. Also hcg may not ever get as high as "normal" if the pregnancy wasn't viable from early on, so it goes back to 0 very quickly.  With both of mcs, falling hcg was the first sign that something was wrong. With my first one even FRERs were showing up completely negative within a day of bleeding/cramping starting (the digitals are usually a little less sensitive). This time I was further along so it is taking longer for hcg to fall.  If you are further along, have to have a D&C, or have any tissue remaining in you after the mc, it will take hcg longer to go to 0. The good news is that this likely means that your cycle will return to normal quicker if you are planning to ttc again. 
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