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Cytotec and nothing is happening

Hi all. So sorry for your losses. I had two healthy pregnancies and two healthy little boys and we started trying for #3. Went in at 10 weeks and just as sac and no fetal pole. Was told to take cytotec.

Started this morning at 10:30am with 600mcg. Some mild cramping, small bit of brown spotting. Then nothing. Second dose of 200 Mcg at 1:30, third dose at 4:30 and nothing. No cramping no spotting. It's just making me nauseas.

Called doc and the nurse had no idea what was going on and said keep taking every three hours the next 24 hours.

This seems ridiculous!! Wouldn't SOMETHING have happened already?

I've been searching boards all night and day just wondering if anyone had this happen. I'm thinking it isn't working.

Re: Cytotec and nothing is happening

  • And I started bleeding! It took 8 hours of nothing. His whole process is exhausting. I'm relieve and A nervous wreck at the same time
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

    It took me 4 rounds of cytotec over 5 days before anything really happened. Friday night, Saturday morning, Monday night, and Tuesday night. I had only minor spotting and cramping after the first 2 rounds and all weekend. A little more bleeding and cramping after the Monday dose, but not much. Started cramping more on my own Tuesday but not much more bleeding so I used the last round Tuesday night. I finally had some productive cramps mid-day Thursday which is when I finally passed the tissue.

    The dr office told me I would have 30-60 minutes of intense cramping and bleeding and it never happened. I wish they had told me from the beginning it was possible to not have that intense period of time.

    I'm glad something finally started for you. I'm sorry again for your loss.
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