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Flat head? Mimos pillow or any other recommendation?

My baby girl is 7 weeks old and I've noticed she favors her left side, causing a flat spot/side. Can I fix it with pillows or switching her sleeping side? Or is it too late? I just don't want it to be too late, that I am going to have to result in physical therapy or the helmet. Any one else go through this or used any special pillows? 

Re: Flat head? Mimos pillow or any other recommendation?

  • If she favors one side then she might have a bit of torticollis OR something else going on. Honestly, I'd ask the Pedi. We had to put my DD in physical therapy starting at 4 weeks because of her severe torticollis and I'm so happy we did. It's nothing to be afraid of.

    Yes you can try switching her sleeping side or stand on the opposite side of her so she is forced to turn her head the opposite way to look at you but I wouldn't recommend any kind of pillow or insert in her car seat and/or sleeping area. That is dangerous.

    This could be more than you are able to do at home OR it could be super simple but either way I would ask the Pedi ASAP. My daughter did PT AND had a helmet but it's was a piece of cake.


  • There is a hat called Tortle with a gel pad that you put over area she lies on and helped a friends baby who had heart surgery at 4 months and had already developed a flat spot preventing need for helmet.
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  • We use the Dex Day Dreamer sleeper. It keeps baby at an angle so she doesn't get a,flat head...
  • OP I really would speak to your Pedi before purchasing any sort of product made to fix a flat head or prevent it. It could make things worse.


  • I've read that u should let baby have tummy time during the day, several times a day, it will help with ur problem and strengthen her neck and back muscles. Also helps with the burpies :x
  • Not too late! My LO was developing a flat spot on the back and side causing her head to look lopsided :( but since moving her to the pack n play vs the bassinet she has rounded back out. I also do tummy time more, and she has full head control now so sitting her up is easier as well. Definitely talk to your Dr., there are some easy exercises you can do with baby to stretch the neck out
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