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STMs and more.. supply for second baby?

Hi ladies!

I am currently 6 months pregnant with triplets, and planning to breastfeed (mostly pump) and supplement as needed.

With my first (nearly 10y/o) I had a ridiculous milk supply. I could pump 3-4 oz per breast when she was 2 weeks old. She would choke when I breastfed, the flow was phenomenal.

I am curious if your experience with supply was different from one child to the next? I am hoping to have the same, so that I can feed more breast milk and less formula (which will help my babies and less $$).

The difference is, these will be preterm, and I had a vaginal delivery last time, this delivery will be C-section.  We will not be able to have skin to skin or latch immediately after birth either. (Not sure how that counts into supply).


Two years, two losses and three IUIs...

We are having TRIPLETS!

EDD 1/26/16

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Re: STMs and more.. supply for second baby?

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    I had major oversupply with #2 whereas #1 was just a "regular" supply. My milk also came in about two days earlier.
  • It's been different for each of my 3 kids. It was easier to breastfeed #3 from the beginning because I had some experience. But the supply was different for each. 
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  • Well, I definitely did not have triplets but my c-section meant we didn't nurse immediately (although when they put him on my chest he was rooting while they sewed me up) milk came in 2 days later and we went home nursing, still EBF at almost 4 months. I don't think the delivery method had any negative impact on my ability to breastfeed or my supply, despite all the things I read about how much more challenging it would be.

    Re-read this, FTM but responding to your statement about c-section delivery.

    Good luck!
  • Same as @missemmawoodhouse I've had more supply with #2.

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