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I just went back to work. But when I was home she would sleep most of the day. Now that my mom is watching her. She tells me that she can get her to sleep. I didn't go to work today and she has slept almost the entire day.
So I'm unsure what's going on. She is growing like crazy. And she is starting to do more things. But I'm just not sure how much she should really be doing or the sleep. I have been reading articles but they just don't tell me what I really need.

Re: sleep?

  • It depends on your LO's age. 
    At 12w L is STTN from 8:30/9 - 3/5. Then he eats, and sleeps until 12. Then he is up until about 5, with little 30min naps until bed time.

    Depending of if a growth spurt or mental leap is happening can also affect how much your baby is sleeping.

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  • She is 12 weeks. And she is growing like crazy. She was 9.14. 22 inches long and she was 14.5. 24 inches long at her 2 month apt. I weighed her today and she was 16 pounds.
    She is starting to sleep threw the night.
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