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Joovy Boob Preemie bottle/nipple

Has anyone tried the joovy boob with the preemie 0 nipple? I am going back to work and every bottle that i have tried so far has just been too fast for the LO. Every bottle we have tried he eats to quickly and does not give himself a chance to feel full. I bought the dr browns preemie nipple and bottle and the joovy boob preemie bottle and nipple. I am a little hesitant about the Dr Browns only because the bottle does not seem to mimic the breast and the neck is not wide, im just worried he will become confused and reject the breast.

Re: Joovy Boob Preemie bottle/nipple

  • They have wide neck dr Browns you can buy. I use DR Browns Bc my daughter has reflux and they are known to be good for that. I also BF all but one time a day and no confusion here. She did both from beginning though as she was in NICU may be used to it.
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