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International Travel while Pregnant

Is anyone planning to travel internationally during their pregnancy?  I have a trip planned with my husband and his family to Costa Rica during my 14th week.  When I asked my nurse about it, she said it was fine, just don't zip line or horseback ride.  When I asked my doctor, he said it was "best if women don't leave the country while pregnant."  I asked him if this means I should cancel, and he said I should be fine, just drink bottled water, etc.  

We are staying at a resort, I will drink bottled water and watch what I eat, blah blah.  But now I'm nervous about it!  Has anyone traveled internationally to a developing country during a pregnancy, or is planning on it?  
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Re: International Travel while Pregnant

  • I'm going to Spain for a week during my 23rd week. My nurse said it shouldn't be a problem and if there was going to be a problem it's not something that we'll know until closer to the trip date. This is my first pregnancy so I was concerned about traveling and she just said to make sure that I have lots of snacks, drink plenty of water, and to also make sure I am constantly up and moving during the flight to keep my blood circulating. I would assume that as long as you take the same precautions as you would here you should be fine. I would ask about any recommended shots needed for illness.

    I think that your doctor said it's best not to leave the country in case something were to happen to you and the baby overseas.
  • I'm traveling to Austria and Germany over the holidays, and I will be 19 weeks at that point. My provider said the same things, unless a complication would arise between now and then.
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  • I went to the Bahamas when I was 16 weeks with my first, and my doctor was all for it! She said to just to be careful of what I ate/drank.

    I think it depends on the country and the level of risk of your pregnancy, but if you aren't high risk and there are no specific concerns your doctor has, I would try not to worry too much.
  • Thanks everyone!  I am not high risk and my doctor gave me no specific concerns, I am not really sure why I am so nervous.  
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  • Hey - I'm going home (Canada) for the holidays in December, and then again probably in late Feb/early March, and I asked my doctor about this and her response was essentially: travel before you're T-2mos to labour, travel to places that are close to hospitals and take the fastest route to get there (ie. take the direct flight). 

    Hope that helps :)
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  • I'm going to Germany for the holidays (weeks 21-23) and then again in March to stay and have the baby if all goes according to plan!!
  • We are going to Mexico somewhere around week 20. The doctor was just fine with that when we asked her.
  • I'm going to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar in December when I'll be 20 weeks. I'll be on a cruise. My OB told me I should be fine but couldn't tell me to go or not go, just out of liability. I am a little nervous but I think i'll be okay as long as I am careful about what I eat and drink. Hoping my aversion to asian food passes before then.
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  • Going to Germany as well in 2 weeks. I will be 15 weeks then. My ob/gyn also said it's the best time to travel during second trimester! I'm really going to enjoy some much needed family time! Enjoy your getaway!
  • Going to Italy for a couple of weeks in January, so I will be over 6 months pregnant then. OB said to make sure I walk around on the flight and drink water. I'm nervous about doing the travel insurance to cover any medical issues, anyone else have advice? I also was looking at medjet as an option (private plane ambulance).

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  • Flying from Australia to Germany and then to India, all between December and January for a month. 
    I took out extra insurance in case i have to cancel my flight. I have a normal travel insurance. 
     Otherwise, i'm not worried. Normally, the 2nd trimester is the best time to travel. 

    Might be uncomfortable to fly though. Sitting, fluid retention.... I'll be some sexy support stockings or tights, i suppose... 

  • I haven't traveled internationally but did just get back from Hawaii including a 22 hour travel clusterfu** of a day. I was less comfortable than I normally am when traveling but just made sure I had a lot of snacks and water. I would upgrade if you can, it's probably the best excuse to treat yourself especially if they have a lie back seat. I recently got a first class upgrade 2 days before for like $200 on a 10 hr flight and I wish I had done it when I traveled recently.

    My doc says tavel is totally fine. I'm sure that PP were right and they just want to make sure you consider the possibility of needing medical care.

    I also want to take a baby moon and am exploring options, I might stay stateside and do something like key west.
  • Yep, We're going on a cruise and I'll be 20 weeks. Can't wait - you'll be fine, have fun! 
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  • I'm 13 weeks and just got back from a fabulous week in Cancun.  We stayed at a nice resort, didn't eat off property, and I drank bottled water for the most part.  I also lived on strawberry slushies (aka alcohol-free daiquiries) that I'm assuming had crushed ice - no issues at all.  I ate salad and tons of fruit and veggies - no issues.  I swam in the waves and got knocked down a little - totally fine.  Just be careful and aware and have fun.  
  • We are going to England for Christmas...I'm more concerned about flying with my 16 month old than my pregnant self.  lol

    Last time we made the trip he was 3 months and slept the whole way. 
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  • I traveled quite a bit during my last pregnancy, at 14 weeks you're at the perfect stage for travel. Depending on how long your flight is just keep hydrated and move your legs every hour to prevent clotting and swelling.

    @LondonToSavannah we took our then 15 month old to Sweden (he's 19 months now), flight was decent but definitely much harder now than at 3 months. We took an overnight flight and tried to time it with bedtime. Good luck!
  • We just got back from a two week trip to Israel.

    I discussed the trip with doctor before I went (we had this planned for months before I got pregnant). Israel has a huge feral cat population and my concern was contracting toxoplasmosis. Seriously, there are cats everywhere. My doctor said just to wash my hands frequently and "don't pick up any feces". My doctor said it was okay to go and to have fun.

    We traveled with our two year old so I was beyond exhausted during the actual traveling process. Besides extreme fatigue the only other "problems" I encountered where a constant state of queasiness, and trying to stay hydrated while simultaneously always having to find a place to pee.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Bltbear82 said:
    I traveled quite a bit during my last pregnancy, at 14 weeks you're at the perfect stage for travel. Depending on how long your flight is just keep hydrated and move your legs every hour to prevent clotting and swelling. @LondonToSavannah we took our then 15 month old to Sweden (he's 19 months now), flight was decent but definitely much harder now than at 3 months. We took an overnight flight and tried to time it with bedtime. Good luck!
    @Bltbear82 Our flight to London is overnight...the one back is what I'm worried about! Daytime, only flight possible. 

    How did your toddler cope with the jetlag?
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  • @LondonToSavannah he actually did better than we did. We kept him on his same schedule but just in local time. Going east we accommodated slightly different nap times and lengths, which also pushed his bedtime back but I was fine with that because I felt like the later his bedtime there, the less adjustment he would need when we got back. We took the day flight back too and landed just before his nap, we let him take a 2 hour nap but made sure to wake him so we could continue our normal dinner and bedtime routine without much variation. The night we got home he slept 12 hours through the night. The next few nights he woke up for a few minutes but inevitably got himself back to sleep quickly. The best advice I got was to go with the flow. Luckily we were just visiting family so he could easily nap as needed and we have an itinerary to follow. Good luck!
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