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Breastfed baby always spitting up

My LO is 6 weeks old and didn't start spitting up until she turned 3 weeks old. She spits up anywhere between 1-6 times a feeding! Sometimes it's just a little spit up, sometimes it's a lot of spit up. I've asked the pediatrician and she recommended feeding her half an ounce less than what I normally feed her (I pump and then bottle feed), sit her straight up when I'm feeding, and burp her every half once. I've done everything and yet she still spits up. Does anyone else have this problem?!

Re: Breastfed baby always spitting up

  • Could it be the nipple you are using or the bottle? Maybe she's taking in too much milk at once? I had to try various bottles with my DD when she was spitting up a ton. We eventually stuck with Avent.

    Maybe ask the breastfeeding board?


  • our baby used to do this often and it was one of two things (1) overeating and (2) acid reflux. overeating was hard to identify at first because i kept on assuming my son was going through a growth spurt and i would willingly give him breast or a bottle. reflux was easier to identify because the spit up was violent, he cried a lot and would arch his neck, back and kick his feet.

    when you burp the baby, dont pat her back. try soft smooth downward strokes. patting their back oftentimes causes more spit up. you can also try burping the baby in a different position. the position i found that worked best was me sitting upright with my baby's side on my chest. this doesnt put pressure on the babys belly and you still have access to rub their backs. our baby likes this position too because it relaxes him so he isn't rigid and fighting the burping session.
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  • A mom in my BMB just posted this about her baby. Maybe it is something to bring up to the pediatrician.

    I was debating whether or not to post about this, but i really wish it was something i knew more about, it might have saved my baby some pain and me some heartache. So while this seems scary, im totally not trying to fear monger

    2 in 1000 babies will be diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. It is the thickening of a muscle between the stomach and small intestines. When it thickens it stops food from digesting and causes projectile vomiting or forceful vomiting.

    My son was recently diagnosed and treated for it. The only fix is surgery but he did so well and is back to his old self. When he was just over 2 weeks old be suddenly started spitting up. It was not projectile but I've never seen that much spit up come out of a newborn. At first i thought it was just spit up but as the week went on he seemed to get worse and when his diaper output changed i took him to the er were a painless ultrasound quickly found the issue.

    From my research I've found that it can be misdiagnosed as gerd and can go on for months if the muscle isn't completely closed. If any of you experience heavy spit up that doesn't seem right and your baby is not peeing and pooping well or isn't gaining weight bring this up. It's common enough that imo we should be hearing about it more than we are.

    I hope i didn't scare anybody. But i hadn't to say, the surgery was quick and within two days my little boy was a much happier baby.
  • My LO would always spit up and had a hard time burping.  I mentioned it to our Chiropractor last week during our appointment and he told me that there is a specific spot in the upper spine that can get 'kinked.'  He checked this spot in my daughter's spine it did indeed need to be adjusted.  He adjusted it and she has has a significant improvement ever since.  She spits up maybe once or twice a day and burps almost immediately.  We go back next week, and we'll see if she improves even more.

    I know that taking a baby to a Chiropractor could seem crazy or scary, but you also want to make sure that you find one that is qualified to do pediatric care.  Mine worked with me throughout my pregnancy and I took my daughter to him at just 2 days old (the birthing process is equivalent to a major car wreck for a LO's spine).  He found nothing wrong initially but I now plan to take her with me to each of my appointments as it can help keep her healthy and happy.  What they do for infants is so much more gentle than what they do for adults.  The amount of pressure is so very slight that we wouldn't even hardly notice it on our own bodies.  My LO is so relaxed and happy afterwards too.  Also the improvement since our last visit has been so nice for all of us.  She would be so gassy and have upset stomach after each feeding; now it is so much easier for her to relax and go to bed for naps and at night.
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