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Anyone else experiencing night sweats?

Last Friday I began my MC. The HPT I took that day after I saw a little bleeding read Negative and my symptoms had gone away two days before, so I believe I had MC a few days prior. Anyway, it was around that time, a few days before Friday, that I started to experience wicked night sweats. The kind where you wake up soaked. I just chalked it up to weird pregnancy hormones. It's now been nearly a week, and the soaking night sweats still happen. It's not too surprising, what with the anxiety, depression and crazy hormones right now....but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their MC. Thank you for sharing. 
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Re: Anyone else experiencing night sweats?

  • I'm sorry for your loss.

    I did have a couple night sweats while going through my mc, but I sometimes even get them right before or AF starts during a normal cycle.

    If it clearly hormonal for me because of the timing of when they happen in my cycle, so I believe it's only natural to also have hormone related night sweats during a loss as well.

    It can take a while for your hormones to go back to normal after a loss so it may take some time before they stop completely. Hopefully they stop for you soon. They certainly are frustrating.
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