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I started my list of stuff that needs to get done before she comes, list of stuff to buy, and hospital bag list.... With being number 3 and other two early I am looking at meeting her in 12-14 weeks if not sooner.. And I am more forgetful with every pregnancy haha anyone else have there lists going?

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  • I have lists. and more lists. Right now my main list is my to do list prior to Thanksgiving. I have to break my lists into smaller time frames so that I don't just look at it and get overwhelmed and just pretend that there's nothing on the list. 

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  • I have probably written down my maternity leave plan at work like 15 times - writing and rewriting and checking and rechecking and adjusting.

    I'm using registries as my lists of what I need to remember to buy.  I don't expect anyone to buy anything for me, but if they decide to, maybe they'll find the registry and get something we could use.  Plus, I get the completion coupon as a bonus.

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    My only list for baby at the moment is a list of things I need to buy before February! Not one item is crossed off... however, we cleaned out the spare room and vacuumed the carpet. Score!! Paint is next but I still can't decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<-- sorry, that was dramatic but honestly how I'm feeling about that!) lol I also started a registry with intentions of putting what I need to buy on there but have only added one thing. I'm really slacking this time around! ETA: typo
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  • I'm guilty of being a serial lister too. I have my work lists, shopping lists, to do for baby now- lists, to buy for baby- lists, cleaning lists, daily lists. I need these lists to function and to make progress. I'd forget everything if I didn't!
  • Surprisingly, I don't have any lists for baby yet..I have to do list for work, a calendar for when bills are due and track when I write checks, etc..I have a notebook for baby which I thought I was going to get so much use out of but haven't really touched it. One of these days I'll get around to creating a to-do list for Feb, but right now? Meh.

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  • we are having a second girl and are going to a birthing center instead of the hospital this go around. So my list is super short. She's sharing a room with her sister and the crib is already set up because we just moved and have nowhere else to put it. Pretty much need to pull the newborn stuff out of the box in the girl's closet, buy a new car seat and a Tula.
  • I've written and rewritten several lists. I'm an extreme list maker. So I have things for baby, things for DD, to do before baby, Christmas, nursery, house cleaning.......,
    I really want to create a registry for the completion coupon but haven't had time
  • I'm definitely a list maker! I have lists for everything. A to-do list for before baby is born, a shopping list for postpartum care, a shopping list for labor stuff, I could go on lol We're moving early February so I want to make sure I have everything done that can possibly be done before we move. That way if by some chance I go into labor before we're settled into the new house, I can at least have everyone birth center bags or overnight bags packed and ready to go without rummaging through boxes to find it all last min.
  • I haven't made lists yet for all of that its all sloshing around in my brain stressing me out.

    I have however started packing the baby's hospital bag because that's when we will switch to the bigger diaper bag for the two girls. I have hats and an outfit in there so far!

    I know which bag I'm using for my hospital bag and will probably pack it around New Years for just in case something happens but with a scheduled c section I'm hoping for no surpsises
  • I'm a huge list maker. But I never made one for my first and don't have one for this one yet. Eventually I'll make a hospital bag, clean and set out all of my stored baby clothes, and hand wash the car seat pad so it's all ready when the time comes. But these are more later third trimester concerns.
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  • I'll definitely make a hospital bag list.  It's a bummer having to wait to pack things until the last minute because you continue using them until the moment you need to go to the hospital! DH and I both have the app Wunderlist which allows you to share lists, so he can add items too, and if I'm occupied he can easily access the list to help gather stuff for me!
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  • @MississippiCatfish I need this app you speak of!!
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  • I love lists. I have lists of things that still need to be purchased before baby comes & a list of what to include on the registry. Next I will be creating my hospital bag list.
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