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Sick baby

My daughter is one month old and just came down with a cold. Her nose is so stuffy and congested! It is heartbreaking to hear her breathing. We've used the bulb syringe to help clear out her nose, but it's not perfect. She is so young, has anyone else have experience with a cold in their young one?

Re: Sick baby

  • You are doing what you can by sucking the snot out. I like the NoseFrida. It seems like a gross contraption but it helps so much better than a bulb. Use a humidifier at night and make sure she's nursing or taking a bottle enough. Poor babe :(
  • Don't overuse any sort of aspiration it can cause the lining of the nose to swell and then you are stuck waiting for the swelling to go down even once the snot is gone. Trust me. My now 11 week old has been dealing with it the last 3 weeks cause we overdid it and she just happens to have extremely narrow nasal passages even for her age. Nose frida is better than hospital bulb syringe because it does not actually enter the nostril. Check in with your pediatrician just cause she is so young and see if they want you to bring her in or not to check her oxygen levels. Definitely go in if her feeding is being affected or you have any concerns about dehydration. Lots of saline and/or breastmilk up the nose to help with thinning the mucus. I find it works well to put the saline up there and then stick her pacifier in after a minute or so. Forces her to push air through her nose on her own and seems to clear better. Humidifier on 24/7 and use shower steam if she is really struggling to help loosen up snot. Let her sleep on an incline and feed her in a more upright position. Unfortunately at a month old your baby may not have yet learned how to breath out of her mouth (usually happens between 6 and 12 weeks I think that they learn). That makes it even more important to make sure she is breathing okay and to check in with pedi. Good luck! It definitely sucks, but you will make it through.
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