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How much should I be pumping out after breastfeeding?

So in having to pump to prepare enough for my LO while I'm at work, he is constantly hungry so in feeding him through out the day and night, whenever I get a break I try and pump but only get a little at a time. Is it normal to only pump out an ounce or so or do I have a low supply? I'm assuming my LO is getting enough because he is gaining weight and is constantly peeing and pooping. I really need to make sure I have enough to leave for him when I'm away but it's impossible when he's always eating.

Re: How much should I be pumping out after breastfeeding?

  • 0.5-2 ounces is normal after a feeding. 2-4 ounces is normal in place of a feeding. Leave 1-1.5 ounces per hour you are away. Your breastmilk changes to suit your baby's needs so you should not have to increase the amount of milk you leave. My LO takes 3oz bottles about every 3 hours. He's almost 16 weeks. There is a lot of great information on about breastfeeding
  • Also when you go to work you only need to have about a day's worth of milk. While you're there you will (ideally) pump what you need for the next day. You don't need a huge stash, just a little extra for slipping away now and then.

    How old is your baby? He could be going through a growth spurt if he's basically constantly eating. Or there could be a poor milk transfer. You can check for that by seeing a lactation consultant or maybe at the doctors office. They'll weigh him then you feed and they weigh him again after eac breast. My little guy had a poor milk transfer due to a tongue tie and was literally eating every hour. He was just getting an ounce of food so he couldn't go longer than an hour (1.5 tops) without eating. We got his tongue tie clipped at almost 11 weeks and within days he stretched out his feedings to every 3 hours.
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