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overflowing with no pump

I am so full that when I walk, talk,sit,stand or do anything I leak. I have no pump so how do I...well milk myself. My daughter isn't eating enough to keep my breasts from being swollen. Help

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  • Hand expression. Google for videos I saw some good ones from Stanford website.
  • You should check and see if your insurance will cover a breastpump. We have BCBS and we got a free one from Ameba.
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  • Definitely check with your insurance. I have Kaiser and got a free one as well!
    I've always found it easiest to do manual expression in the shower for some reason.
    Assuming you want to keep breast feeding, be careful not to overdo it. Just take the edge off. If you express too much it will just trigger your body to keep producing. Eventually (took me about 5 days) your body will adjust to baby's needs.
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  • You can probably get a manual pump at a local store for cheap to help! My let down is too fast for my baby so when it happens I have to hand express (squeeze my boob!) until it stops squirting out so fast so she doesn't choke.
  • I'm pretty sure it's a federal law that insurance carriers have to provide you with a free breast pump. If not, I second the manual pump.

  • Our insurance covered a pump and the hospital gave us a manual pump that I use more. You could always call the hospital and see if the lactation consultants provide them.
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