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Post partum maternity pads

what are the best maternity maxi pads to stock up on for after delivery? I am having a c section ... But I heard it is common to bleed just as heavily as a vaginal birth...? So any reccomendstions for brand and type of pads to get would be appreciated.


Re: Post partum maternity pads

  • I had a vaginal birth and used these. They are pretty big but worked really well to make padsicles. Not sure if you'd need them with a c-section as your bottom won't hurt as much as mine did. I also used always infinity--with flex foam when I didn't need the huge pads anymore. They hold a lot of blood and didn't irritate me at all.
  • I'm a weirdo but I had a c-section and delivered at Virtua Voorhees and one of my nurses suggested the Depends disposable underwear after surgery. They were a blessing for me.
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