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Overcoming pregnancy insomnia

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Sleeping during your 3rd trimester is a challenge at best. From cramps and backaches to your growing belly, it’s hard to get a full night of sleep.

Many Bumpies have posted asking for advice on this topic. Here’s a helpful article that shares tactics for finally overcoming your pregnancy insomnia.

What advice can you share with other women having trouble sleeping?

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Re: Overcoming pregnancy insomnia

  • kedbach said:
    I typically go for a walk with my husband around 8-9 pm and that helps me sleep!
    Great idea!! 
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  • Hm! Never thought of that. How long do you walk for (minutes)?
    Mommy can't wait to meet you Max <3 EDD 08.26.15
  • @hollyswift I usually walk for about 30 minutes!
  • Husband and I got a tempur-pedic matters topper. It has helped me a lot. It molds around me and helps support my back. Plus it doesn't transfer movement, so I don't notice my husband moving around so much.
  • ElecinElecin member
    Exercise, hands down.
  • OliviaAnn said:
    A horseshoe shaped body pillow works wonders for support during your third trimester. I can't live without mine. It can make you a little warm, so I keep my ceiling fan on high and generally only keep a sheet on me at night. My OB also okayed me to take a Tylenol pm to help get to sleep. I do that a few nights a week. It also helps with the typical aches and pains at this point!
    That sounds comfy! So glad you've found something that works for you :) 
  • BumpTara said:

    OliviaAnn said:

    A horseshoe shaped body pillow works wonders for support during your third trimester. I can't live without mine. It can make you a little warm, so I keep my ceiling fan on high and generally only keep a sheet on me at night. My OB also okayed me to take a Tylenol pm to help get to sleep. I do that a few nights a week. It also helps with the typical aches and pains at this point!

    Yes! This! My mom got me one and I honestly thought it was a bunch of malarkey. But I LOVE it! I sleep so much better and it has really helped my sciatic pain.
    Worth it!
  • 30 min walking and warm bath helped me.
  • Warm batH definitely helps
  • I walk every day, but I'll be honest.... The pillow!! A gift to all pregnant women! I just purchased the leachco maternity pillow and it's like sleeping on a cloud
  • @jadetree1080: Lucky! Sounds so comfy!
  • @awrightk1080: I just replace my pillow and I slept almost thru the night last night. Pillows will definitely help.
  • My stomach usually gets super hard and uncomfortable when I lay down or it happens randomly,so I go for a walk for about 15-20 min or until I feel my stomach ease up a bit... It definitely helps me sleep and it helps with discomfort. Also drink a lot of water!
  • ckencken member
    I find that some light meditation goes a long way. I sit down and contemplate things that are happening or meditate on silence or something like that. But you have to do it a few times through out the day for it to help. That helps the nervous system in general. When I actually get to bed, I like to contract and relax my arms and legs for a minute or two. That relaxes them. Then I lay down on my right side: that is important because that way you breath more through your left nostril and that relaxes you. Then I breathe in loong, soft and easy breaths. That's my recipe for good sleep.
  • When all else fails, unisom sleep tabs
  • The pillow and classical or lullaby music.
  • Exercising early in the day, not taking naps for longer than 30-40 minutes, eating well before bedtime, and Tylenol PM (OB approved).
    Still, I wake up once in the middle of the night to eat a small snack of protein and fruit (otherwise I'll wake up in the morning incredibly nauseous....HG is still lingering into my 28th week).
  • I always had a problem with sleeping but now that I pregnant I go to sleep even later. So I started crocheting and it does help so I go to sleep around midnight instead of 3 am now.
  • As I've been on bed rest for the last month the heaviness of my bump and foo stat back pain makes it so difficult to sleep. I use a million pillows no difference it's just super uncomfortable.
  • jessica015jessica015 member
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    I totally understand you ladies. I go to bed at 9pm and then I wake up at 2am and stay fully awake. This really can't be normal at all. Just a few weeks ago I would just wake up at 4am and stay awake. But now it's just unbearable. Also I've been on bedrest since last week Tuesday.
  • I'm not too bad yet, but I'll occasionally wake up at 4am and not be able to go back to sleep. Or my hips will be so sore I'll wake up intermittently in the night. 

    I've found that getting any sort of workout (however mild) in during the day, preferably walking, really helps. I have a mattress topper and snoogle for my hips, which has helped since the beginning of my second trimester. 

    If I really can't fall back asleep, I watch an episode of a show or read a few chapters of a book to take my mind off things, and attempt to sleep again in an hour or so. 

    Also day naps! 

    Best of luck ladies! - M

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  • My doctor told me to take Benadryl, that helps me a lot. I take it a few nights but recently I wake up around 4am and not able to go back to sleep with bad heartburn
  • I'm new to the board, hello everyone! I have so much trouble sleeping, my legs are so restless at night, any advice for that? I usually end up going to bed at around 11 and I'm up at 4 and have a lot of trouble getting back to sleep...
  • I was having trouble sleeping, so I took some Benadryl to help. Turns out all antihistamines make RSL way more severe. Just a heads up if you're thinking about traveling down that road. If you have a partner, maybe they can massage your legs before bed. Mine does that for me and it helps a ton. Also warm baths! Hopefully that helps.
  • Thanks for the tips  :D
  • Anyways i'm new here .. Best way i try to sleep is by gettin my husband to give me goosebumps loooool :P
  • heidigmiller2heidigmiller2 member
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    I'm also suffering from severe RLS. Ive tried EVERYTHING! Heating pads, extra pillows, elevation, TUMS (for the extra calcium), eating extra bananas, omitting caffine, rubbing icy hot on my ankles, warm baths, massage, taking magnesium citrate, melatonin, drinking tonic water and trying unisom tablets. Am I totally screwed or is there something I have yet to try?
  • I can fall asleep I just can't stay asleep anymore! Up almost every hour all night and permanently by 5am..
  • I'm having issues as well. Getting up every hour to use the bathroom, having nightmares, my niece and nephews wake up early for school and make soooooo much noise....I have to sleep with the light on because my dreams get way too crazy with them off, my body aches, I am uncomfortable, legs get numb.....just sucks.
  • I've officially given up on sleep. I'm on modified bed rest since my BMI has dropped below that of the lowest that's normal for a person my height who is NOT PREGNANT! I just sleep wnehever I can. If it's 9pm, 4pm, 6am, etc.....if I feel I can maybe sleep I at least try to get a little in. Nothing helps.
  • I'm 35 weeks and my hip pain at night became so bad all I do is toss and turn. I started acupuncture and got instant relief. My acupuncturist will see me up until 40 weeks. No, the needles don't hurt. It is my life saver!
  • hornerjohnsonhornerjohnson member
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    After trying everything you mentioned, I oredered 2 young living oils, peace and claiming and valor and I drink tons of water throughout the day. This has helped me so much. It relaxes my legs and it no longer wakes me up! Good luck I know how rough that can be!
  • I started listening to hypno birthing audio towards the end of my second trimester. I have found that relaxing breathing and tone of her voice really help a lot. I often fall asleep without realizing I've done so
  • I'm awake for hours in bed at night and wake up early. I need 9 hours of sleep to feel well rested and I'm only getting like 5. I have RLS and my lower back hurts especially if it needs to be popped (it's like sharp pains where I can't lean a certain way, I feel like crying because it hurts) but I'm afraid to pop it myself, if I lay flat on my back on the floor and breathe out it will sometimes pop on its own and I feel better.
    I've tried to keep cool. It would probably help if I had some tylenol pm but I don't. I've tried the lavender scents. Headphones in my ears for relaxation or classical music (have to use headphones because my husband grinds his teeth so bad it sounds like he's chewing on a rock and it gives me a headache). Dark room doesn't help. I've always slept with a pillow beside me so I can hug it so I try to stick it between my knees but it doesn't help either. And overall it's just like my brain won't turn off for me to fall asleep. It drives me insane. Chocolate milk helps me sometimes which might sound weird but it does. Lol. Hot baths only works sometimes too.
  • On the same boat here. :disappointed:
  • MrsAguirre117MrsAguirre117 member
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    It's hit or miss for me. If I'm able to get sat least 6-7 hours I feel ok at work but the bigger the baby gets (I'm 30 weeks tomorrow) the more he seems to move around a lot and if it's at night then he's keeping me up. Guess this is getting us ready for babies ladies! EEEK. I'm such a monster with bad sleep.

    But what helps me get a good nights sleep is getting some walking in. I try to walk 2-3 miles several days a week and it helps me to sleep better. Also, taking a hot bath before bed has helped.
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  • My legs have been restless too. The only thing has helped (not completely gone but way better) is taking a hot shower and then putting on coconut oil and peppermint oil! Game changer
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