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How to be polite?

I'm getting really sick and tired of people asking me when the baby is going to come, if I'm having any labor pains yet, etc... I'm 40 weeks + 4 days.

Should I post a "public service announcement" post on my Facebook as a general plea to leave me alone? I would say something like... "I know everybody is anxious and excited for Baby Jax to come, but please try not to ask if I'm having any signs or if I am in labor yet. It makes an already anxious, frustrated, stressed mama even more anxious, frustrated, and stressed! Thank you :)"

Does that seem rude? It's mainly my in-laws who have been bothering me and I just need to get them all off of my back before I lose my freakin mind!

Re: How to be polite?

  • I'm 40w3d and right there with you sister. Contemplating posting this link to Facebook. Certainly a smart ass way of communicating. Your PSA seems much more straightforward and reasonable.
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  • Eh, I get where you're coming from, but have a feeling you might regret that fb status. Maybe just try ignoring your inlaws or have a direct conversation with them. Much less passive-aggressive.
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  • I think the post is fine, but you could also say something like "Feeling bummed the baby isn't here yet, but we can't wait to tell you all when he/she is!"
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  • I told a friend I was frustrated and they started a page amongst friends and family. Everyone post in there and I can ignore it if I want too. Some of it is really funny, so I can read it all at once, respond if I want. Yesterday was my due date so we posted an eviction notice. It helped me and now we have a place to announce to our close family and friends any updates before the official announcement!
  • I did. I put up a status just saying I was unplugging from social Media until little guy arrives. Let people know if they texted I may not answer and asked they not take offense and that we would certainly let everyone know once he was here. It has helped tremendously. 41 and 3 days here.... And also, as far as your in laws.... I would ask husband to intervene there. Mine know to only contact him And he doesn't tell me every time they do lol

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  • I asked my husband to reach out to family to give them that message. I think posting on facebook is just going to invite more curiosity rather than shutting it down.
  • bmolson1 said:

    I asked my husband to reach out to family to give them that message. I think posting on facebook is just going to invite more curiosity rather than shutting it down.

    This. I posted on Facebook that I was unplugging and would update upon arrival and it just made people call and text more. I would just ignore most of it and have your husband field inquiries from his family.

    My FIL called me and said "Baby, yet??" And died laughing hysterically and hung up. My husband knew immediately he needed to manage them from then out.
  • I am 39 weeks and 6 days- and I had a conversation with my parents today about this. My issues are not social media- but texts and calls. I am only texting people back and calling when I feel like it. It is really my mom- and I agree being direct is most helpful. And at some point just turning off the phone or not responding may be how I have to handle it if things don't improve. Too much pressure to an already excited and hormonal FTM
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