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Aw: Hubby bonding time

I'm an over producer (thank the breast gods!) and I pump an extra feeding during Lo middle of the night feeding so dh can feed her for her am feeding and get some bonding time, since she nurses every other feeding during the day. He's doing his first bottle feeding right now and it's taking everything in me to not hover like a helicopter and make sure he's doing it right.

If he feeds her to fast and she throws that stuff up I may have a breakdown...

Re: Aw: Hubby bonding time

  • Sweet! I'm not an over producer so we still do a 4 oz bottle of formula each night so daddy can give it to him. (He's 15 weeks). It's good for them. Have you taught him paced feeding? It will help so she doesn't drink too fast. You can check or just google a video.
  • I have! And had him watch the video...more than once. I know he's doing great and I love that he is so adamant about being part of it...I'm just having a hard time letting go of control, but I know it's vital. It's just really hard to not be like "do it like this, not like that". Cause obviously as a ftm I'm an expert (sarcasm)...
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  • I feel bad because it's been 3.5 months and I still hang over his shoulder a lot! He actually got ahold of me at work last weekend before he would give him tylenol because he thought his teeth hurt. I sound so overbearing, but before this he had zero child experience. I'm surely not perfect, but I have babysat since I was 12 and have a few nieces and a nephew. He wasn't around when they were babies so it's all new to him. I'd rather he ask then jist do something though and he loves me and my overbearingness.
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