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Baby won't burp

My LO is 5 weeks old and formula fed we try to butp him half way through is feeding and at the end but we just can't get the burps out he needs them as he is so fussy and you can hear his tummy growling when and if he gets one out he immediately settles so we know that is his issue. We have tried gripe water and we do the over the shoulder hold and the hold where he sits on our maps and we support his head and chest with one hand and pat his back with the other. I also tried laying him down and picking him back up I rub and pat his back but he still doesn't get that relief and he is so upset because if it. What else can I try?

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  • My son will be 5 weeks tomorrow and I asked my pediatrician because my son just wouldn't burp and would get gassy from it. He told me to sit the baby up straight, holding his chin up with one hand and patting his back with the other. I tried it when I got home and he burped within 10 seconds. He also said to burp him at the end of his bottle instead of stopping halfway through, because when you pull the bottle out, more air gets in. Hope this helps!
  • Our pediatrician recommended gas drops that contain Simethicone. It breaks down the mucous coating on gas bubbles making it easier for them to burp. We use it before every feeding. They are over the counter and cheaper than gripe water. I use Little Remedies brand.

  • My DD is also 5 weeks old and we've been having the same issue. We changed her formula to Similac Total Comfort and bought different bottles- was using the Munchkin Latch, switched to Dr. Browns- we noticed an improvement almost right away. She would burp within just a few light pats on her back.
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