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3.5 year olds thinking of TTC

Anyone here have twins then another child? Looking for advice or a group to join...

My ID girls are 3.5 right now, looking to TTC early 2016. They'd be almost 5 by the time new baby is (theoretically) born. 

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Re: 3.5 year olds thinking of TTC

  • I'm currently pregnant with a singleton after my identical boys. We decided to try for another baby when they were 18 months and got pregnant right away. It is hard being pregnant and running around after not-quite two year olds but I've always wanted my kids close in age. I think 5 would be a great age for having another baby because they are old enough to understand and help with baby! I've heard from lots of ppl that having twins and then a singleton is easy because they are already used to sharing everything and will keep each other company when you are dealing with the baby. I'm due in feb so I have no advice on what it'll be like yet but I'm excited for another baby and for my boys to be big brothers. Good luck on whatever you decide!

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  • Thanks so much! I have to imagine caring for a singleton will be so much easier compared to twins! it's half the nighttime feedings!

    Best of luck to you, I swear my twins got soooo much easier right around age 3, so once your new baby is getting mobile, the twins should be calming down, hopefully! Well, calm isn't the right word, more independent!

    I am really looking forward to this. I didn't expect to want to have 3 kids, but everything was such a blur with my surprise twins, a month after we got married, I think it would be so different the second time around. 

    Thanks, keep me updated!

    Married 07/2011 <3
    ID Twin girls 04/2012 <3<3
    Baby #3 Due Jan. 2017  <3

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  • I didn't have my twins first, but I know others who did. They say that after having twins, a singleton is a breeze!
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