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Thrombophelic... Has to take shots.. Anyone else?

A week ago my doctor discovered that I have a genetic mutation and advised me to taie livanix shots to prevent any possible harm to the baby. I understand that blood clots could cause serious problems to the baby, so I'm overcoming my fear of needles and giving myself shots in the legs every morning. Does anyone else go through this? I've had a miscarriage 4 months ago and my doctor thinks this might be the reason. I just want to know if anyone experienced anything like this.

Re: Thrombophelic... Has to take shots.. Anyone else?

  • Yes, I am also taking Lovenox every day. It's not that bad, you get used to it. 
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  • I'll have to get shots starting at 16 weeks. Weekly tho, not daily like you guys. I'm going to go in and have the nurse do it every week. Not me or dh. Too scared.

    That really sucks. I'm sorry you have to do that
  • I have to take lovenox daily, as well. We found out in September that I have FVL. I had to do the injections after my last was born because I developed a clot in my calf after she was born, so I was kind of used to them. Still sucks, though. Due 1.10.19
  • I have FVL and this is my first pregnancy. I've been worried about this too. I spoke to a hematologist before I got pregnant and he said it wouldn't be a problem unless I MC'd. Should I be more I insistent with my OB about it?
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    I'm on lovenox daily due to a DVT a few years ago and subsequently finding out I have a mutation. I'm giving myself the shots each morning in my stomach. I look like such a mess!! Bruises all over my belly... And that's just 8 weeks in. I'm a little nervous for what 8 months will look like!
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  • My doctor said i have to give them in my legs... They look like a disaster. I started using ice before and after the shot which seems to reduce bruising. I guess when you really want a baby there is nothing else to do. Although my grandma had 3 kids without any shots and only one mc. Same for my aunt - 3 kids, but I don't know about mcs.
  • I'm also doing twice daily shots of lovenox. My stomach is a bruised mess as well!
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