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Spicy foods

My daughter seems to get an upset stomach if I eat spicy foods. I would really enjoy something spicy every now and then. How long does it take for something like this to be out of my milk? Could I pump and dump and that would get rid of it?
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Re: Spicy foods

  • My doctor said 3 days. I had an allergic reaction to my prenatal vitamin and my antibodies were being passed into my milk causing LO to have hives as well. She said pump and dump for 3 days after and it should have cleared my system. Today is the first day back on track so I'm praying she's right and I don't see anymore of those hives on my baby boy, it was so heartbreaking!!!!
  • Yikes! OK, I definitely don't want to pump and dump for 3 days!
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  • Antibodies and food aren't transmitted the same way, so I don't think that advice applies. Think of the "rule" for consuming alcohol, you don't pump and dump for 3 days after some drinks.

    I've heard anywhere from 6-12 hours, so you might just have to expermient and see what's a safe time for your daughters sensitivity.
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  • Keep a food diary just to be sure. There are places in the world where spicy food is a part of every meal and women still breastfeed. I am a fiend for spicy food and was going to eliminate but my midwife said to eat normally and see how baby does. what I found was that my baby was more sensitive to high-acid foods (like tomato sauce) and eggs. I still eat spicy peppers and red pepper, just not in pasta sauce or chili!
  • Thanks! I think I need to start a food diary. There are sometimes where is really seems like DD has a bellyache, and I'm assuming it's from something that I ate. I'll have to pay better attention.
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