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Looking for OBGYN at NYU Tisch or NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell

Hi all,

What are your expereinces with delivery and post care at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell and NYU Tisch. I am currently looking for an OBGYN and want to ensure that the hospital setting and accomodations for both me and baby will be comfortable.  Any Dr reviews and insights are greatly appreciated! 

Thanks so much

Re: Looking for OBGYN at NYU Tisch or NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell

  • I'm a FTM due Jan 7th but I'll be delivering at NYU and have heard great things. I go to Spring St. OBGYN and really like them so far. Been going for about 10 years and switched Drs. When I got pregnant to Elizabeth Rodgers who I love. It's a practice of many doctors so you rotate after 24 weeks in order to meet everyone and then go back to your dr at the end.
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  • I'm going to spring obgyn seeing dr cho and delivering at NYU As well. If you want a dr for Weil Cornell look at dr. Sidney wu. Both are great !!
  • My doctor told me that NYU has a "baby friendly" designation from the World Health Organization, in this case meaning that they are particularly good with encouraging and teaching breastfeeding and encourage bonding after delivery, letting them stay in your room instead of a nursery etc. I go to Downtown Women, a practice in SoHo that delivers at NYU. FTM though so no first hand experience yet!
  • I'm also at Downtown Women and was there for my previous pregnancy in 2014. I delivered at NYU and had a great experience. I love Dr. Whitehead, she's calm and encouraging during delivery, and just a really nice person. I can't speak highly enough about her!
  • I haven't delivered with her, as I just had to switch to a doc affiliated with a closer hospital, but Dr. Im at Weill Cornell and her staff were great. I have never felt rushed, could ask a bunch of questions, and got all the tests and ultrasounds done. Never a long wait either. She delivers at NY Presbyterian lower Manhattan.
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