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Boy or Girl?

I was surprised and happy that I got an ultrasound today at 12 weeks. The doctor did not mention the topic of gender but I was wondering if I'm seeing boy or girl parts at the bottom of baby to the left? Or am I just seeing feet?

Re: Boy or Girl?

  • Gentials aren't even formed yet. Which is why the doctor will do an anatomy scan @ 20 weeks. At that time, you can ask about the sex. Until then its too early.

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  • Thanks! That's what I figured but was curious :)
  • Actually, you can find out the earliest at 14 weeks at private ultrasound places. I have a friend who just found out at 14 weeks exactly and revealed she is having a girl last night.
  • Genitals are formed at this time, but are often too small to say 100% what the sex is. I know a number of people whose sonographer told them their best guess at the NT ultrasound and were right (including my sister and best friend who were both told 90% chance it's a girl).
  • I actually had my NT this last Friday. The tech tried to see, but baby was uncooperative lol. I know I need to be patient and that before this technology gender was always a surprise but I'm dying to know lol. My gut says boy though.
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  • Sorry baby was uncooperative! I have my NT scan on Friday and can't wait (and sort of hope we can get an idea, but ultimately I just want to know that all is fine with baby). I also have a pretty strong boy feeling...we'll see (and at the latest, I'll know on December 11).
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