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Can Jack be a standalone name????

Or does it sound better as a nickname for Jackson or another name?

Re: Can Jack be a standalone name????

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    It's actually a nickname for John but of course it works with Jackson too. It's one of the few nicknames I think works well as a stand alone name and I LOVE it. It's definitely a contender for me. It's also a family name for me.

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  • sure, but i prefer it be a nn to John
  • It can definitely stand alone.  Some people may assume that it is a nickname for John, but I don't think it's that big of a deal.
  • I know someone where Jack is his standalone name. I don't see why it could not be.
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  • Jack can absolutely be a stand alone name. In fact, it's supposed to be. Jackson means "Jack's son". It's a surname that is trending as a first name.
  • As other posters stated, it's properly a nickname for John (though it works for other newer 'Jack-' names), but I agree that it stands fine on its own. 
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  • I certainly hope so as it is DS's name.
  • I think so.
  • Absolutely love love love jack. DH hates it or it would be number one on my list. It's a great stand alone name and ages really well.

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  • LNic5 said:

    Jack can absolutely be a standalone name...I know a couple and I will be using it myself if I'm lucky enough to have a little boy as it was my grandfathers name.

    I much prefer Jack alone over Jackson, it's been overdone!!

    This exactly! It's totally a standalone name:)
  • Jack can stand alone, that's my husbands name(: haha
  • Unless your last name is Pollock, Jackson is not a name, period. Jack is a nn for John(athan) but it's a lovely name on its own too. I like all the jacks I've ever met.
  • It can stand on its own, but i dont like it as a stand alone. 
    Jack will always be a nn for john to me,

    BUT jack is so so so much better than jackson

  • Yes, it can! And I am so, so, so tired of Jackson!

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  • I love Jack by itself.

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  • It can stand on its own, but i dont like it as a stand alone. 
    Jack will always be a nn for john to me,

    BUT jack is so so so much better than jackson

  • My FIL is "Jack" (for John). His first grandchild is just Jack. It's a great standalone. I don't like it as a nickname, but love it as a name.

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  • Definitely works as a stand alone name. I like it much better than Jackson too.
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