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Micro-seizures/hyperactivity in 7 month old

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I've searched the boards, and haven't been able to find any answers, so I'm posting this here.

When my 7 month old is overtired/overstimulated, his little brain/body goes crazy.  It's as if too many neurons in his brain are firing at once and he can't control himself.  His face, legs and hands look like they're having micro-seizures.  We try not to let him get to the overtired phase, but sometimes it hits suddenly.  At first it was cute (we called him Chucky), but now I'm becoming concerned.  I'm a first time mom without a lot of baby experience, but this doesn't seem normal to me.  I'm worried something could be wrong neurologically.  Does anyone have any experience with this, please?

Re: Micro-seizures/hyperactivity in 7 month old

  • Follow your instinct, get it checked out by your Ped.
  • Thank you. Will do!
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  • Doesn't seem totally crazy or abnormal to me but it's worth a call the doc. Good luck!
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