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Constant nausea anyone?

Anyone else having constant nausea? I'm 10 weeks and have felt no relief since week 5. I'm not necessarily looking for remedies because I've tried everything except for Zofran which I'm wanting to stay away from- just wondering who else is dealing with this and if it's interfering with day to day life? I'm not throwing up very much but I've had to call out of work and events with friends just because I feel so awful. It makes me feel kind of wimpy because I've never been the type to cancel anything because of being sick and I am SUPER excited to be pregnant.. There are just some days where I can't hardly pull myself out of bed!

Re: Constant nausea anyone?

  • Yep. I have nausea constantly, except when I'm actively eating carbs. I have only thrown up twice, so I know others have it much worse, but it's still draining. 
  • I know you said you aren't necessarily looking for remedies, but taking 25mg of vitamin B6 with half a tablet of unisom (three times a day) has really taken the edge off for me. Sometimes I still feel like absolute crap, but it has definitely helped. I talked to my OB about it and she said she recommends it for her patients with nausea that is disruptive to everyday life.

  • Count me in this. I am super excited to be pregnant yet feel horrible 24/7 for weeks now. I am not able to function at the level I need to like this. Nothing helps.

  • This pregnancy has been rough for me too. I take a phenegren every 4 hours, which doesn't help the fatigue, but I'm not constantly vomiting. Nothing has taken away the nausea though.
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  • Thanks Jparke2 I have been taking the unisom and a B complex vitamin but only at night as even half of a unisom makes me super tired... It hasn't really seemed to help as far as I can tell but again, I haven't been taking it that often.
  • Yes, I am 9 weeks and feel weak/tired/nauseated constantly. I am so grateful to be pregnant, but I feel yucky pretty much all day long. I feel bad for my youngest son. The tv is his mother right now. I have to find a way to snap out of this and become a functioning parent again.
  • I'm right there with you. I have been constantly nauseous and just yuck feeling for a few weeks now. I have never actually vomited though.

    I'm still muddling through my days but I just feel crappy all day every day.

  • I had bad morning (all day sickness) with my first son, and now with my current pregnancy.  My doc prescribed Diclegis, it worked OK for me.  It didn't completely eliminate all the nausea but it did allow me to function and be an active parent to DS.  This week my nausea has subsided on it's own (10 weeks yesterday), which was around the same time it subsided with DS.  Ginger drops also helped me through many work meetings, I found them at my local Trader Joe's. Here's to hoping the nausea and fatigue gets better for you ladies soon.
  • Yes! I am now past 12 weeks and was hoping it would be over by now. I think I am maybe vomiting less now, but still feel pretty bad. I have had to miss a few days of work on really bad days, which I did not want to do.
  • A friend sent me NoMo nausea bands and I found them to work well. I also try to eat as soon as I'm feeling it about to start.
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  • I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow and have also been nauseous all day, every day since right before week 5. My midwife gave me Diclegis, which has helped some- but it does make me pretty drowsy. I've tried to at least eat a cracker every hour or so, and that seems to help. Preggie Pop Drops (Motherhood Maternity sells) have helped me get through the day too! Hoping the 2nd trimester is much better for everyone on this thread!
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have a very hard time functioning and going to work every day. The nausea is unbearable. I vomit probably on average once a day which isn't too bad compared to people I have talked to, but my doctor decide to put me on diclectin since I lost a few pounds and have a hard time eating. It has helped a little but the nausea is still there and on some days so is the vomiting. This medication also makes me drowsy. I feel useless at home when it comes to cooking and cleaning. I'm so exhausted by the time I get home from work I can barely move. I'm excited to be pregnant, but I sure hope this goes away by week 12.
  • I feel queasy All. The. Time. But...with thing 1 I was actually barfing all the time, so this is an improvement. I'm doing the same things to quell it as round 1, eating smaller portions more often and sipping ginger ale or sucking hard candies, but I still can't shake the queasiness.
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  • Yes, I'm on a Zofran pump iv. Still sick, but throwing up less and maintaining weight. I'm 11 weeks tomorrow- has to end soon. I've missed 2 1/2 weeks of work so far. This is miserable.
  • I am almost 9 weeks and have had 24 hour nausea since 4.5 weeks. I just started the half unisom/vitamin b6 combo this week and it has alleviated some of my symptoms, but not all. I feel like I am not getting anything accomplished and am crying all the time. I am super excited to be pregnant, but I can barely handle how sick I feel. I hope this ends soon. I am a teacher and it is very hard to take sick days as my boss is very overbearing.
  • Let's all get together and vomit up a storm. 8-}
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