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Baby won't take bottle!

Any tricks or suggestions? We are using the medela calma bottle. The first time we tried a bottle, her father gave it to her and I was out of the room. She had about 2oz and gave up. My mother has tried and got her to take about 1oz. She fusses and fights the whole time! We have tried freshly pumped milk & dipping the nipple in milk. Anyone gone through this and have something work really well? I'm on week six of maternity leave and I go back to work in another six, so the bottle has to happen!

Re: Baby won't take bottle!

  • My son fought the bottle too. Keep in mind sometimes they may only want an oz or two if they are used to breastfeeding often. has a lot of great tips! Is your duaghter going to day care? I was worried when my son went because he was still refusing the bottle but the ladies at daycare were amazing, and got him to take it eventually, they even worked with me trying different bottles/nipples until we found what worked best for my son... Now he even took a bottle from me! Good luck!
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