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Ten Things Tuesday!

1. I had my first ultrasound yesterday for baby #2. Nothing more amazing than seeing that little one wiggle around. It was a great way to start the day!
2. Pregnancy insomnia is starting for me and I'm not thrilled about it.
3. I want all the carbs lately. It's been a struggle to get enough protein in me as of late.
4. I miss college. Not for the partying (although that was fun) but because I miss going to classes and learning about different topics. I wish there were free adult learning classes that I could take...I'd be all over that!
5. In the same vein, I think I'm going to order a couple of books from Amazon today. Feeling the need to dive into something good. My fellow bookies, let me know if you have any suggestions!
6. I'm not sure how to dress here where I live. One day is 30 degrees, next day it's a high of 60. Wtf, Mother Nature?
7. I'm going to a surprise birthday party this Friday with H. It will be so nice to have a night out with him, and without DD. Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces, but nights out with H are far and few between.
8. I hope I can stay awake past 9 at said party!
9. I'm not a shoe girl. I'd rather spend my $ on expensive skin care stuff, like the Alba line, or for concert tickets.
10. We are team green again this time around. Not knowing the sex of the baby really gave me motivation to get through a long labor the first time around. This time though, the anticipation is killing me! I'm so excited to be a mommy again.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Re: Ten Things Tuesday!

  • 1. My son cried the whole way to daycare and I felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest. He kept wailing "Stay home with Mama! No daycare, no work! Stay home!" I feel ya, little buddy.
    2. My son's daycare teacher sent me a bunch of pictures of him having a great time and I know it should've made me feel better, but it kind of made me feel worse. I'm a bad mom, I know!
    3. I am with @jenly17 and wish I could be a student forever! I was so good at school, but the real world just sucks.
    4. My US went great yesterday, but I am still not feeling secure in this pregnancy. I don't know if it just doesn't feel real or if I just am paranoid, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    5. I dream about quitting my job and singing as a career. I love singing at events and church, but know realistically it could never sustain us.
    6. I don't understand why suddenly I am nocturnal...I could stay awake all night and just want to sleep all day. And I am even taking unisom (for HG, but still)
    7. I thought having MH home in the evening was going to be more relaxing or stress-relieving than it is. Now, I just get to hear him complain about his job in person vs on the phone.
    8. I am usually a super positive person, but have been struggling to keep my chin up recently.
    9. I usually have choir rehearsal on Thursday nights. This week, rehearsal was cancelled. I am still going out.
    10. All I want to do is cuddle with my son and kitty all day.

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  • 1. I've never been a person who likes to nap but I can't make it through the day without one now.
    2. I'm really frustrated that DH's parents are showing little to no enthusiasm about baby.
    3. I just quit my job without notice due to harassment from the manager and will be starting a new one Thursday!
    4. I have Halloween costumes for our 3 cats.
    5. I have crazy cravings for sugar right now, especially Sour Patch Kids.
    6. I give credit to people who are Team Green. I don't have the willpower!
    7. I want to live in yoga pants and sweatshirts for the next few months.
    8. My favorite hobby is scrapbooking and I'm looking forward to my weekendlong retreat next month!
    9. This whole idea of stores putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween irks me. One holiday at a time!
    10. My favorite book series is the Hunger Games trilogy.
  • 1) I slept for 11 hours last night. And probably could still be in my bed, all warm under the covers, watching trashy TV all day if that was a possibility.

    2) I cant wait for our NT/1st tri scan in 2 weeks. I am trying to stay positive that everything is ok with LO, and I cannot wait to see "him" on the ultrasound screen again. I still worry about MC but seeing that strong HB has eased my mind a lot. I know anything can happen, so getting through the next 2 weeks until my next scan to ensure he is still there and growing is a struggle!

    3) Every morning as soon as I get up I have 2 waffles. Baby likes waffles I guess. Then another breakfast at work. This week my 2nd breakfast is Lean Cuisine Turkey Sausage English Muffins. Not bad. Just wish I had some hot sauce for it!

    4) I am still craving Papa Johns..

    5) Looking forward to going to the corn maze that @ladysamlady mentioned in a post last week. I have been wanting to go to one for years and finally convinced DH that they are not "lame". So excited for Saturday!!

    6) DH told me last night that if I wanted to be a SAHM he would support that decision, but we cant complain about being poor. I just don't think its in the cards for us though. I still have school loans I am paying off. And I worry about retirement. If I am not working, how am I saving for retirement some day? I would love to stay home for the 1st 3 years at the most, but then you hear about how hard it is to re-enter the work force.

    7) My jeans were able to button up today- SCORE!!!

    8) I need to find a new hobby. For a while now, working out has been my hobby, but I have had to put that on the side. Kickboxing, hot and power yoga was my hobby of choice. Even when baby is here, I don't know that I can go back to them, as the membership fees are crazy expensive and we want to save money.

    9) DH and I need a new show to watch. Any suggestions? I was thinking AHS Hotel. Is it any good?

    10) I really think we are having a boy. So much so that I don't even look at baby girl things or names. I will be shocked if I am wrong.  

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  • Jenly17: I have insomnia lately, too. I didn't know it was pregnancy-related, though. I hope it ends. Also, I found your note about wishing that classes still existed to be interesting. In academia there is a big trend called MOOCs--Massive Open Online Course. The idea is that experts in various fields conduct these MOOCs to connect their subject area with the wider public. If you are interested in a certain topic, consider the MOOC route!

    My 10 things:
    1. We painted the dining room over the weekend. I'm not sure I like it: See item No. 2. 
    2. I've discovered that color interacts greatly not just with lighting, but with the color it sits next to. We painted the wall what was supposed to be a slate-blue/gray type color. There is a chair railing/molding detail on the lower half of the wall, so we only painted above that (about the top half of the wall.) The color of the molding is a kind of cream with yellow undertones. The interaction between that color and the slate blue/gray transforms the blue into a pastel baby blue, which I don't like. Not sure what we're going to do with that room--re-paint or learn to like it. 
    3. I can't find anyone to look after my dog while I travel in November. I'm SO distressed about this as her normal boarding facility is full. I have no idea what I'm going to do. 
    4. You know how m/s is worse on some days compared with others? The same is true for fatigue, I think. Yesterday I was so tired I felt...well, hopeless. I wanted to cry all day at work. 
    5. I made a lovely white bean, turkey and swiss chard chili the other day. The leftovers are even better. Here's the recipe if you're interested: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/white-bean-and-chicken-chili-recipe.html
    6. Speaking of food, I've also been trying to eat more sweet potatoes (along with leafy greens, they are on the pg "superfood" list.) I roast them in the oven with olive oil and salt. Pretty yummy and it's an easy veggie to go with whatever else I'm cooking. 
    7. My husband's sister finally called us back last night, so we got to share the news with her. I really do love her, but she's terrible about staying in touch. She has known (through others) for about 2 weeks now and still didn't call us back, or even text us to say congrats. But all was forgiven once we got on the phone with her as she is so sweet. 
    8. We started watching Walking Dead on Sunday night. We watched three straight episodes. I'm dying to watch another! @yogahh, that would be my suggestion (if you can handle gore--there is a lot!)
    9. I am SO behind at work. Yesterday I planned to stay late--I even packed a dinner. But I was so tired I couldn't. I felt like a failure, putting my packed dinner back in my bag and leaving at 5:30 instead of 9 or 10 as planned. :(
    10. I've been down on myself, lately. I feel like I can't do what I need to do anywhere, which I think *may* contribute to my fatigue. I think they call it feeling overwhelmed. I need to do some positive thinking to redirect my overall mood. 
    Me: 38; DH: 41
    DS: Born 5-17-16 


  • 1. All of my daughters tests came back negative! Every single thing! I'm ecstatic!!
    2. The people installing our pool accidentally made it only 4' deep so they had to come back and fix it. I don't understand how this stuff happens?
    3. I had my ultrasound 3 weeks ago and the tech never emailed my images.
    4. My boobs are gigantic and still perky. Hallelujah!
    5. I'm ready for December & Christmas to get here already.
    6. Today I'm going to clean my whole house instead of working. I work for myself so it's cool.
    7. I'm a doomsday prepper. I tell people it's for hurricane preparedness so they don't think I'm crazy.
    8. My friends keep inviting me to wine tastings. It's hard.
    9. I need to cut my hair soon. I want to donate 24" of it but I know my face is about to swell up all round from this pregnancy and short hair makes me feel even more frumpy.
    10. I'm craving homemade chicken pot pie but I have 0HP so frozen will have to do.
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  • vinerie , when Walking Dead started I was hooked. Watched 3 seasons then fell off. That's typical for me. Even Scandal I am just over now. And thinking I am making your chili recipe for dinner tonight!

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  • 1. Since DD was born almost 2 years ago, I've been working mostly from home full time managing a department in finance/risk while taking care of my daughter. It's been a good run, but I know it's not going to be feasible to maintain.
    2. Work wants me back in the office full-time, but since H and I both want someone to stay home during the kids' early years, it's not going to happen.
    3. Along those lines, I'm going to quit my job soon, and it scares me. I know it's going to be difficult to return to the workforce someday, and I'm going to feel so far behind.
    4. We had our NT scan yesterday, and everything seems ok so far. Just waiting on bloodwork results.
    5. This baby is measuring on schedule, which is awesome! My daughter was all over the place for the entire pregnancy, but always at least a week behind.
    6. I've been feeling down lately. Think it's just because I feel sick and tired most days.
    7. I had a chicken, egg, and cheese bagel fr Chicfila this morning. It was yummy.
    8. I haven't worn makeup in a few days.
    9. H and I are watching the new Jurassic park movie tonight! I'm so excited, and I hope I can stay awake.
    10. I'm going to reunion in a few weeks and I have no idea what to wear. Maternity dresses are no good at this stage, but none of my usual stuff is going to fit :(
  • 1) We are going to look at a house on Thursday. If it hasn't already sold by then. It's frustrating that we're ready to buy, but there are no houses.

    2) I have a supper planned with some friends on Saturday. I think they want to have a poker night. I'm kind of happy that I get to use my fatigue as a reason to go home early.

    3) I am so behind in my case notes, I should not be on the bump.

    4) I am so happy that fall is here! It's cold enough for boots and mitts already, and I love it.

    5) All I want are carbs. Potatoes in any form, especially.

    6) I'm going to announce to my co-workers on Friday night at a work party. I'm pretty excited to tell them.

    7) DH and I test drove a Jeep Cherokee North yesterday, and I loved it. Pretty sure we're gonna buy it next week!

    8) I am craving sushi so badly. There aren't any sushi places in my town though.. I'd have to drive three hours for some. Super bummer.

    9) I'm going to Toronto next week for a work conference, and I'm really excited about it, but mostly just about getting out of the office for four days.

    10) All I can think about right now is the potato salad I've got in the fridge.

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    Me: 30 DH: 32
    BFP #1: 9/12/2015
    DD: 6/1/2016
    BFP #2: 1/16/2018 MC 2/2/2018
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    1 - My 12 week US is tomorrow.  I can't wait.

    2 - I was offered a promotion at work, by my bosses... but it hasn't been approved by HR yet.  It's really annoying.  I have started doing the work.  I would like the extra $ to go with it!

    3 - My son started sleeping with his Mickey Mouse doll and it is the cutest thing ever.

    4 - I really need to come up with a good workout plan once 2.0 gets here.  While I lost the baby weight from DS, I never really got back into shape and I really, really can't wait to get back to my old self.

    5 - See #2 - because my office is weird, most of my coworkers know this promotion is coming.  Absolutely zero of them have been happy for me about it.  A few of them just aren't really even talking to me anymore.  It sucks.  Because of this, I haven't wanted to announce being pregnant because why should I share more happy news with people who don't like my other happy news?

    6 - I started using this brow gel by benefit and it's amazing.  I'm pretty standard when it comes to make-up, but my eyebrows have suffered after years and years of over-plucking and over-waxing.  I've been growing them in for a year now and this stuff just makes them look SO much better.

    7 - Speaking of appearances, I need to make a hair appointment.

    8 - DH and I booked a room in NYC for a night in early December.  First time away from DS, so I'm sad, but really excited.  I love NYC during the holidays, even if it's going to be a zoo.

    9 - I am $300 away from being credit-card free.  It feels AMAZING.

    10 - I deleted my facebook a week ago and it feels very liberating.



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  • 1. My mind is blank today...
    2. fr-online.de does not have interesting stories to read this morning.
    3. I picked up the settlement check for a construction accident at a house we own yesterday. That was fun!
    4. The air is extra dry here at work today. Every. Single. Thing. shocks me when I touch it!
    5. I still read posts with acronyms incorrectly (DD = designated driver, MC = motorcycle, LO = law officer, NT = New Testament, HG = Home Garden). It helps make posts more lively though.
    6. I tried ordering a few things from sites other than where I usually buy them from, but that turned out to be a big mistake. Nothing but cancelled orders and delays. Never again, I'm going back to Amazon.
    7. It would be great for the Volvo to be back together and to be able to talk more about how we're going to redo the master bedroom/bathroom/closet
    8. I've been meaning to clean up and vacuum the house for 3 weeks now!
    9. I wish our cat could sit patiently by the back door when it wanted to use the bathroom like the dog does, instead of using a litterbox that has to be emptied.
    10. If they could make a clumping cat litter that the cat can't track around that would be great.
  • 1.  I never get the the flu shot, but they were giving free ones at work today, and since my doctor suggested I get it I went ahead and did. I made sure I got the preservative free, but it still makes me nervous in the first trimester.
    2.  We finally told my in-laws our news last week, and I'm already getting texts from my MIL about what crib, etc. we want. She's so cute!   
    3.  My company is getting ready to move into its new global headquarters in 2 weeks, and things are getting crazy around here.  I can't wait until the move is over because it's stressing me out!
    4.  MH and I have a regatta this weekend, and as much as I love sailing, getting up at dawn on the weekend doesn't sound appealing.
    5.  One of my best friends is getting married in Vegas in mid-March, so it looks like that will be our babymoon. I've never been to Vegas, but going when I'm 7 mo. pregnant doesn't sound fun.
    6.  So far, we have only told immediate family about the pregnancy. My friend's bachelorette party was last weekend, so I went ahead and told her because I wasn't feeling up to going and I felt like I owed her an explanation for backing out at the last minute.  I asked her not to say anything to anyone because we weren't making it public for a few more weeks (2nd trimester).  MH went to her fiancee's bachelor party, and one of the guys congratulated him (luckily not in front of everyone).  I guess my friend (the bachelorette) told that guy's GF (and who knows who else), so I'm pretty annoyed.  I mean, how hard is it to keep your damn mouth shut!?
    7.  I'm starving already, but nothing sounds good for lunch today.
    8.  I was craving sushi the other night, so we went to my favorite sushi bar, and I got vegetarian and tempura.  It just wasn't the same!  :(
    9.  MH is so cute with this whole pregnancy thing!  He's a very good artist, and he is already sketching out how he wants to set up the nursery.  It's adorable!
    10. My dog sheds so bad!  I seriously don't know how he isn't bald!  I has always annoyed me, but I feel like I need to look into solutions (short of shaving him!) before the baby gets here.  

  • 6)  I hate hot weather and get reverse seasonal depression in the spring/summer. Its nice to finally be on the other side of it now that fall is really here!
    Yep, I hear that and nobody I'm around really seems to understand it. Spring/summer in the southeast is TERRIBLE between the bugs, heat and humidity. I'm basically trapped indoors since it's no fun to be outside.
  • 1. I feel like everyone will know before I announce on social media. My in laws aren't good at holding things in.
    2. I am sneaking my pizza in while DD is not looking. I don't want to share.
    3. I'm getting excited about my friends wedding in November in St. Augustine. I hope I have more energy then.
    4. This month has been super busy.
    5. My whole family wants it to be a boy, I feel like it is but I want it to be a girl to make them hush. (And I like having a girl.)
    6. My floor desperately needs vacuumed, as I lay on it.
    7. I've been cleaning house for extra money, and forget to wear a mask. Do you think it's necessary?
    8. I hope DD is potty trained before baby, I don't want to cloth diaper two.
    9. My husband has tomorrow off. I have high hopes to get stuff done but we will likely both sleep in and nap when DD does.
    10. Date night didn't happen last weekend. Maybe I will make arrangements for tonight.
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    mrstmoose I'm reading this while eating my packed lunch. It took every ounce of willpower I had to not go get something more enticing than leftovers. Why are packed lunches so much less appealing than restaurant food? I am pretty sure I'm hitting the vending machine for some chocolate-ey goodness this afternoon as all my willpower is gone! 
    Me: 38; DH: 41
    DS: Born 5-17-16 

  • I had to look up what I put last week so I don't repeat myself. C'mon brain remember things!

    1. We bought our new car on Saturday- and currently hubby is driving it and threatening to not let me drive it like we planned.
    2. We're going to start ripping up carpet this weekend! This gets us one step closer to setting up the nursery. 
    3. I'm starting to panic over maternity leave. When I was hired I was told I'd get three months paid no problem, now I keep hearing other coworkers were having problems getting that so now I'm freaking out. I was going to wait until after Nov 5th (and I'm out of my first trimester) to talk to HR but I might go sooner. 
    4.  I found a bunch of really cute maternity clothes are amazon that I like but don't really have money to buy it. 
    5. My husband is freaking out about money and that has me starting to freak out about money in regards to daycare and such. 
    6.  I have a conference from tomorrow through friday- so this is my last day in the office this week. 
    7. We swore we weren't going to put clothes on the baby registry yet- we lied. There are a bunch of adorable onsies - all nerdy- on it now. 
    8. I'm craving gobstoppers like crazy. 
    9. I'm really freaking sick of water. 
    10. Picture books are making me burst into tears lately. Homorones. Ugh. 

  • 1. I have a 2 year old DS who lights up my life. He is so funny and has a huge personality.
    2. I am a SAHM and most days I love it but some days I don't. I have a masters degree in counseling and worked very hard throughout school so some days I feel like I'm wasting all I worked for. But most days, I love hanging out with my kiddo.
    3. My DH is amazing. We have been married 4 years and he is a wonderful husband and dad.
    4. I cried when I found out my first DS was a boy. I wanted a girl so badly and really hope this one is a girl.
    5. I am nauseous all day every day and my DS likes to imitate me when I throw up (several times a day).
    6. I just started watching House on Netflix and I'm hooked!
    7. October is my favorite month. I'm like a little kid at corn mazes and Halloween events. We are being characters from Nightmare Before Christmas this year.
    8. I have been eating Sour Jacks every day for the past few weeks to help with nausea. Yesterday I threw them up and now never want to eat them again.
    9. I have a 8 lb Pomeranian Chihuahua mix named Koa and I love him to death!
    10. Its nap time and I should be cleaning but I'm on here because it's more fun : )
  • 1. My youngest doesn't sleep anymore, and it's making me crazy.

    2. Our garden froze over the weekend and that makes me sad. It means the cold is coming. And I'm crabby when it's cold.

    3. I'm not even close to ready for holidays. I wish it was only July.

    4. Along with #3 it might help if I actually enjoyed the holidays. I'm not a social person. I don't enjoy parties.

    5. I had gender disappointment with both of my previous pregnancies and I'm scared to death of it happening again this time. I even knew in my gut my last 2 were boys and once it was confirmed I was so upset and sad. It's really ridiculous. I don't want to go through that again.

    6. My husband and I took the boys to a wedding this weekend. I was in the wedding so my hubby had them all to himself for the first time ever. I'm proud of all 3 of them. Hubby kept it together and the boys settled for daddy for the most part.

    7. My oldest decided it would be cute to crash the wedding and run screaming down the isle "mama mes need you!" With tears running down his eyes just as the ceremony started. He melted everyone's hearts and the brides were fine with it. The photographers got some cute pictures of it too :)

    8. Ever since previously mentioned wedding, all I've wanted is green bean casserole. I'm making hubby buy the ingredients on his lunch break so I can make some tonight.

    9. I'm so thankful I can be a SAHM. I get alot of grief for it, but to be honest, it's what I want to do and it's what my husband would prefer I do. We're happy, and we have the money for it (barely). So that's what we're doing. And I do not understand the problem with it.

    10. We took the boys trick r treating for the first time yesterday! It was so much fun! I can't wait to take them to boo at the zoo and the Halloween party at the local middle school :)
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    1. Today I achieved my goal of getting to work.... now actually working at work... I'll make that a goal for tomorrow.

    2. I've colored two coloring sheets today while at work. I call it a mindfulness activity.

    3.I was just approved for a social work practicum student in the spring. I'm so excited to have someone do all the work I don't want to do. This will line up perfectly with my pregnancy.

    4. Pregnancy brain is in full affect. I thought I had a dentist appointment today. I left work early and went only to find out that appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday. Whoops. 

    5. I have a doctors appointment Thursday. It'll be my first real OB appointment. I'm excited for this to start feeling really real. 

    6. Too bad I can't survive off of only sour candies. 

    7. I've lost 20 lbs so far. I know that's not good, but I'd be lying if I said there's not a piece of me that loves my new body. I'm also hoping I won't have as much to lose after the baby's born.

    8. FIL is one of 5 boys and DH only has brothers. Because of this they often joke about not being able to have daughters and assume that this LO is a boy. I want to badly for it to be a girl just so I can stick it to them. 

    9. DH takes great care of me when I'm sick... but sometimes I really just want my mommy.

    10. I've been officially diagnosed with HG. I know people mean well, but whenever someone suggest crackers and ginger ale I fight the urge to bite their head off. I've been vomiting to the point of hospitalization do you not think I've tried the most basic home remedies for soothing nausea. 

    edited due to strange formatting.
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  • 1. DS just turned one and is seriously doing the cutest stuff lately. His toothy smile kills me!

    2. I miss newborn snuggle days so much. DS only snuggles during our morning nursing session and will give hugs.

    3. I'm behind on day to day work stuff but made some progress on my long term to do list (aka the things that could wait a few months ago but really couldn't anymore). I just don't feel motivated or obligated, which I know is terrible.

    4. On the work topic--I'm starting to toy with the idea of leaving my job before baby comes or come back after 12 weeks maternity leave but plan to leave before December holidays. The idea would be to renter the workforce part time when it feels right, maybe once this LO is 1 or 2 depending on our plans for more kids. I just got a promotion in July and the biggest thing I'm worried about is it looking like I couldn't handle the responsibility and left within a year/just over a year. I'm a social worker and could maintain my license through professional training. Any advice or insight? So needing thoughts from other.

    5. All I could think about was pizza. Then I ate pizza and hated myself. Grosssss not as good as I had been dreaming.

    6. I've been going to bed between 8-10pm and waking up at 630am. Just barely functioning. Is it nap time yet?

    7. I need a new mindless Netflix series to watch while laying around. I just watched private practice....haha. I'm not usually a tv in bed person but I've been laying in bed for a by before sleeping lately and have enjoyed it.

    8. DH is such a hard worker. He's getting his masters, working full time, and is so hands on with DS. It makes me tired just watching!

    9. No plans this weekend, I could cry happy tears.

    10. I'm ready for cool weather to come and stay. Sweaters and boots for the win!
    Me 27 | DH 28
    DS October 2014
    #2 May 2016
    1. Everyone talks about how emotional they are or have been in the first tri, but at 11 weeks I have never felt more like a robot. I binge-watched the first few episodes of The Leftovers yesterday just to prove to myself I can still cry.
    2. I'm editing a book right now where the author basically just phoned it in—400 pages' worth. The manuscript is a joke. He's famous and it is making me want to spit nails how lazy he is. I basically have to rewrite his book for him.
    3. It was 27 degrees last night and today it's in the high 60s. Can fall just decide to stay already? I'm sick of this nonsense.
    4. The room we plan to use for the nursery was our former music room. One wall has this psychedelic pink wallpaper that DH wants to keep when the baby comes. How can I talk him out of this?!
    5. My parents are moving far away soon and I can't help being angry about it. We'd always been about a 2-hour drive away from them, and their moving will seriously affect how much time they'll get to spend with their grandchild. 
    6. All food is gross. Even when I think I'm craving something, I go and try to eat it and can barely take a bite. It's just aversion, not morning sickness, but it's ridiculous. The only exception seems to be meatballs. Meatballs?
    7. I can't manage to use my Snoogle properly. Which end is up? It's fine when I go to sleep but without fail in the middle of the night I wake up on my back looking like I'm being devoured by a boa constrictor.
    8. I think I am officially asking too much of my pants and need to start checking out maternity wear. I thought I'd be more excited about it, but meh.
    9. There is no bad mood that 80s music doesn't seem to cure.
    10. DH is going to Scotland for a conference this weekend and I am so jealous. Nevertheless, I'm ashamed to admit I do sometimes like having the house to myself.

  • 1.) I just hit the 2nd tri yesterday.
    2.) We have our ultrasound tomorrow and I am so excited and so nervous at the same time.
    3.) I adore cooking and always cook way to much. H's coworkers now make requests haha!
    4.)I currently work in finance and hate it. I am going to school to become a teacher.
    5.) I have a beagle and a cat that are my children.
    6.) I'm an only child.
    7.) H and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on Sunday.
    8.) My favorite movie is "A Christmas Story" and I watch it year round.
    9.) This is my first child.
    10.) I love to read and always carry a book with me.

  • 1. My daughter's bday is in 10 days. She's going to be 8! I told her I want her to stay 7. 

    2. Yesterday I went to the dr's for an appt. I thought I was going to hear the heartbeat via doppler. They used the ultrasound machine. The baby was kicking its legs and doing somersaults. I couldn't believe it!

    3. Had a meeting about a property acquisition. What a relief to know we have about 2 years instead of 6 months. I won't have to worry about relocating our business when I'm about to have a baby or on maternity leave.

    4. I'm finally feeling well enough to work out. Going to the gym tonight.

    5. I haven't taken Zofran in over a week. Still throwing up occasionally but nothing like it was. I'm hoping it's because I'm approaching the 2nd trimester. Knock on wood.

    6. My daughter has so much school work at night. She keeps me busy between homework and her social calendar.

    7. And i'm going to throw a baby in the mix! Nervous about that!

    8. My obgyn said I need to call Radiology at the hospital to schedule my NT scan and anatomy scan. Of course Radiology doesn't see the orders and I need to schedule it with the obgyn. 

    9. My daughter tells me she hopes we see a vagina in the ultrasound. She only wants a sister!

    10. Is it only Tuesday!? Come on Friday!
  • 1. I'm laying in bed watching Golden Girls instead of getting in the shower to get ready for work.

    2. DD is now calling everyone "honey" instead of Mom, Dad, Nana, etc I guess there's worse things.

    3. My head is spinning about taking DD to the Auburn game next weekend, then a 3 hour drive to Chattanooga, hotel stay, then Aquarium the next day and a 4-5 hour drive home after that (HELP).

    4. Just found out our family restaurant is being sold. This bums me out bc I had just started baking for the restaurant and really wanted to quit my job to do that full time.

    5. I have officially become obsessed with Once Upon A Time (I'm on season 3 as of last night).

    6. Trying to figure out a good way to propose to DH we find out the sex of this LO by doing a gender reveal cake.

    7. Decided this week I want a co-ed baby shower this time and treat it more like a fun cookout with family and friends.

    8. Kinda excited I'm sending DH to the US Virgin Islands in Feb by himself. I hope he comes home rested and ready to have another baby.

    9. DD is still saying NO I DONT WANT TO when asked if she wants a brother or sister. She's also taking to passing me and slapping my stomach.

    10. I'm tired and want to sleep until May.
    Been married since 2009.
    Unicornuate Uterus (yes I menstruate glitter)
    Several MCs
    DD born 2013 (our miracle "you can't have babies" baby!)

  • 1. I think I'm finally starting to feel better!

    2. I'm prob feeling better because of the Arby's roast beef sandwich I had for an early supper.

    3. My H is going back to work tomorrow. He works as an engineer in the oil fields, so things have been slow for him the past couple months. He's usually gone for two weeks, then home for two, so it's been nice to have him home! I'll miss him, but happy about the $, I suppose.

    4. I'm organizing my entire house. I love getting rid of stuff! I think I like purging more than shopping. I just about finished one bathroom and my closet.

    5. Per the suggestion of many on this board, I started watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I love it! Actually, I've finished season 1 already. Don't judge.

    6. My dog is so spoiled. She is the cutest Boxer and is so sweet and loveable. I hope she doesn't get too jealous of baby.

    7. We can't roll over vacation hours at work and I'm probably going to forfeit 2 weeks. I wish I could use those next year.

    8. Now that I seem to be feeling better, I need to get my rear in gear at the gym.

    9. I typically listen to podcasts and audiobooks in my car, but my husband has Sirius in his pickup, so I love to jam to 90s on 9 when I ride with him.

    10. I play volleyball on Wednesday nights and we're undefeated so far. Hopefully we can keep the winning streak up.

    Me: 27    DH: 30
    Married in 2011
    Baby 1: Stillborn at 27 weeks (April 2014)
    Baby 2: Due May 2016

  • 1. I started working out more this past week and this week. I'm feeling a little better still tired.

    2. I have a bloat that won't go away today. I'm praying it's not the real bump I still am waiting till Christmas to tell family. I may have to earlier!

    3. I hate cooking dinner lately especially meat makes me want to chunk!

    4. I have a feeling this baby is a girl but we are team green so I will have to see in May!

    5. I'm excited for Halloween and all the holidays really!

    6. My DS changes his mind daily what he wants to be for Halloween. A different super hero all the time. We are picking it out this weekend.

    7. I want to go to bed early but still have to cook, get kids showered and to bed.

    8. No food ever sounds good. When it does I try it and it's a disappointment.

    9. I'm usually happy and in a good mood at work but lately everything and everyone annoys me.

    10. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie!
  • Thank you @vinerie. I'm going to look into the MOOC's! I appreciate your direction.
  • 1. I'm so tired right now, it's killing me.
    2. So far no morning sickness. I hope this trend continues.
    3. My breasts are super sore.
    4. I hope the baby and my pets get along. We have two cats and a German shepherd.
    5. I'm a bit bummed I couldn't do a cute birth announcement. I have to tell my job immediately if I suspect pregnancy, because I work in s laboratory. There was no way I was telling them before my family. So everyone knows.
    6. I think I'll do a cute gender reveal.
    7. I love to read.
    8. I'm really excited about having a sundae tomorrow. It will happen.
    9. I hope I sleep better this evening.
    10. My first obgyn appointment was canceled because the doc had to deliver a baby...I can understand that.
  • 1. My 5 yr old has been holding hands with the cutest little girl. I wish I could post a pic but I think it's creepy to post pics of other peoples kids.
    2. DH left on his last fire assignment of the season. He'll be back in a week or so.
    3. I sold a bearded dragon today. We've had it a few months and I never touched it. It's freaky.
    4. I hate reading about people having several miscarriages. I don't think it's fair to them.
    5. I'm hungry but too tired to eat. Plus nothing sounds good.
    6. I was really productive today!
    7. I love being a SAHM but I still plan to have my career someday.
    8. My neighbors water broke so I'm on call if they need anything. Can't wait to see her baby!
    9. The weather was perfect today. Sunny with a breeze.
    10. I'm pretty sure I hear a bug in my room right now... Not for long.
    DS #1 2010
    DS #2 2011
    DS #3 2014
    DS #4 2016
  • I'm late, but I still want to play!

    1. Yesterday was a whirlwind and a bit scary, but I was so relieved to see a healthy baby-- and we even got to see little fingers and toes!
    2. I'm ready for Thanksgiving break...like right now.
    3. We got DS a twin bed (it's really just a mattress on the floor for now so he can climb in and out easily) at our pediatrician's suggestion. He's sleeping so much better in it than he was in the converted crib/toddler bed. Plus, I can snuggle with him when he has a nightmare or just wants a few minute of extra snuggles.
    4. I think DS is finally self-weaning. He had been so adamant about breastfeeding that weaning him down to once or twice per day was hard. The past three days though, he's only wanted to nurse for a few minutes, if at all, before bedtime, then he's finished. 
    5. DH and I have a surprise birthday party to go to on Saturday. I'm pretty excited to go out and I have a personal day Monday for our NT scan, so I won't really miss out on DS weekend-time which makes it a double win.
    6. I really want to announce our pregnancy publicly now. Especially at work because I feel like I've had so many half-days for appointments or issues. Normally, I wouldn't have had even one sick day taken by this point in the school year. DH and I decided a while ago though that we'd announce at 12 weeks.
    7. I want Thai food so badly lately...but the place that close to our house just isn't very good. That's one thing that I miss about living in the city rather than the burbs.
    8. DH has been awesome with doing laundry lately. I really appreciate it, especially since I'm on restricted lifting for a bit to give my body some recovery time from the hematoma.
    9. I hope our pup does well with a second baby. He's sweet, but is such an anxious pup. The vet has suggested prescribing something, but I just don't know...
    10. Although I tend to prefer spring and summer, there's just something romantic about fall weather that I love.

    Also, @chottomotto I'm so glad to hear that your daughter's tests came back negative! That's probably such a relief!

  • 1. No sickness at all but would kill for a nap every afternoon.

    2. DH and I have a huge awesome Halloween shop party every year and I'm looking forward to start decorating soon.

    3. For a Halloween costume I bought a sekeoton suit and a skeleton shirt with a rib cage and little baby skeleton on the belly and that is how we are telling family and friends.

    4. Halloween is also my only Grandma's 86th birthday and DH and I are going to show her in person. Can not wait to see the look on her face!!

    5. Not looking forward to everyone coming to my house and getting wasted and I have to stay sober.. oh well my friend Pam just keeps telling me to tell myself " at least you will feel good the next day and everyone else with feel awful" lol

    6. Dating ultrasound next Wednesday, super excited to get an accurate due date.

    7. I was lucky enough to get a midwife (very few in my area but IS covered under Alberta health care which is sweet) and if I remain low risk I hope to deliver at home. In a pool.

    8. I feel fat and need new leggings.

    9. We have a cat and a new puppy and they are both awesome! Love my fur babies.

    10. Hoping for a boy but keeping it a surprise til he or she comes out!


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