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Finding lacation consultant

What is the best way to find a lactation consultant? I wasn't a fan of the 2 that saw be for such a short period in the hospital so really don't want to go back there.

Re: Finding lacation consultant

  • I'm looking into using a doula during childbirth, and one of the services they provide is lactation consulting. Has anyone done it this way, and was it worth the extra money for the doula? (Not trying to hyjack your post, I was about to post the same thing)
  • The hospital I delivered at has a lactation clinic. They also gave me a packet when I was discharged from the hospital of other lactation services around my area. Also my daughter's pediatrician gave me a list of lactation consultants as well.
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  • Ask you OB. See a different LC in the hospital's clinic. Call your city/county health department. Ask Le Leche League.

    Knottie 99 - If you are having any BF challenges, go to a certified Lactation Consultant, certified by IBCLC. A doula could be helpful though, in identifying challenges.

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