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What is wrong with me?

Has anyone else had weird episodes since delivery? Here's mine. I'm going along about my business and bam, it feels like I got hit by a truck. I'm so cold I'm literally shivering under multiple blankets. Fever around 100. Headache and sometimes feel like I could vomit. It's never lasted more than 12 hours or so. Today's episode started at 6:30 am after I fed lil one a bottle. I put her down, feeling fine, went to pump and bam. For the record, it doesn't always come on while I'm pumping. I could be changing a diaper or cooking supper and bam.

Re: What is wrong with me?

  • I'd mention that to your Dr. After my 3rd, I didn't get fevers but I'd have sudden and intense dizzy spells and exhaustion and headaches. Turns out I was vitamin D deficient, so much so I had to be on a super high dosage of it for 6 weeks. Pregnancy and bfing is very demanding on the body. Not quite the same as you experiences but I've learned if I feel weird I need to bring it up with my Dr.
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  • I just realized I'm not on the right BMB but it kind of sounds like mastitis. Do you have any Breast pain or redness?

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  • I agree with pp about mastitis as I've felt unwell like that when I've had blocked ducts. It could also be low iron as I had this issue. Definitely worth talking to your doctor about it.
  • Call your Dr, as PP's have said, sounds like mastitis, not something to mess around with!

  • I had the EXACT scenario you are describing during week 4 and it was mastitis - please go to the doc! You will need antibiotics if it is or it will get MUCH worse - luckily i caught mine where the worse of it was the fever and chills but it can get way worse. Good luck!

  • Ditto. I felt like I had the flu when I had a mastitis (infected blocked duct) do you have a hot rash on either of your breasts?
  • @banfrog That sounds like what I get
  • @Ambermom043 I encourage you to talk to your Dr. They did a blood draw to check my vitamin D level. It's a very specific test, not on a general blood panel. About a week after I started taking the vitamin D I felt a lot better (the dizzy spells stopped right away with taking vit D). I'm now on a regular daily dose. It's made a huge difference.
    There are a lot other things that can be causing these sort of symptoms (my mom has a problem retaining sodium which has similar, if not the same sort of symptoms), so it's best to check with your Dr.
  • Thanks all. I'm not having any issues, pain or redness with my breasts. And these "flashes" have come and gone for the last 7 weeks. Maybe 3-4 times now. They last 24-36 hours and then I'm fine. Just bizarre. But lil one has her two month check in a few days, I'll be sure to ask.
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