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When did you start showing?

I'm 11 weeks 5 days and a ftm. I'm wondering when other first time moms started showing, my doctor says I'm just bloated right now.

Re: When did you start showing?

  • With DS I didn't start truly showing until 25/26 weeks.
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  • Visible blump aka bloat bump since week 7. Still looks suspicious and I wonder when people will say Sth....already getting weird looks. My blump does look like a bump no matter if it's bloat or baby;-)

  • Good morning I started showing very early 8 weeks but I have a seasoned pregnant belly and I'm very skinny so it just popped out. I'm 11w4d but look like I'm 6 months, even the surgeon I worked with yesterday was shocked at my due date
  • With my first I had a bump that was noticeable to others by about 14 weeks or so. I'm thin so there was no hiding it. I think I have a couple more weeks before I start showing with this one.

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    First pregnancy I could no longer hide a bump at 18 weeks. Not sure what will happen this time, but I know I have bloat days on occasion.
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  • With my first it was around the 16th week or so that I'd say I was actually showing.
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  • Around 15 weeks I'd say with my first one. I am 12 weeks now with my second and I notice a bump, but I'm not so sure other people would say I'm showing. Probably a couple more weeks.

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    With my son, I had a definite, small baby bump by 14 weeks. I'm fairly petite and short, so there's really nowhere for baby to go but outward. This time, I suspect it'll be about the same, maybe a little sooner since by this point, it's getting more diffuclt to pull in my abs. Eta I remember that just as I started to show with my son, my ab muscles were so, so sore, especially up top. It felt like pulled muscles...which I guess they were.

  • I was just looking back on my weekly pictures from my first pregnancy, and by 18 weeks, I was popping out. Before that, I kind of just looked like I ate too many cheeseburgers.
  • With my first pregnancy, I was about 20 weeks when I finally popped.
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  • I didn't show till 20 weeks with my first. I'm not as in shape now, so I'm guessing I'll start showing around 14-15 weeks?
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  • With my first I started showing a little bump around 21 weeks, but I did notice my waist looking "thicker" long before that. This time around, I have a feeling I'll show a lot sooner. Poor abs aren't what they used to be.
  • I don't think my bump was noticeable to other people until about 20-22 weeks with my first.

  • I think it was around 17-18 weeks last time. I'm 11 weeks now and just look like I went on a burrito bender. If I wear maternity pants I feel like I "show" but I'm just bloated.
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    With my first I didn't start showing until after 20 weeks and didn't have a real bump till maybe 25 weeks. Thanks to my weak 2nd time mom abs I have a noticeable bump. I look like I did after 20 weeks last time. I haven't gained a lb either and usually have a pretty flat stomach so it is pretty obvious that I'm pregnant at 11 weeks.
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  • I'm at 10 weeks now- and while the logical part of me is like- yes this little bump is just bloat, part of me is denying that and saying it's a itty bitty baby bump lol. I know it's not really- but I don't particularly care. 

  • First pregnancy: 11/12 weeks. Yes, that's right. That early. No, not bloat. But I'm short and have a short torso. "Out" was the only option. lol. I lost weight first tri so it was more noticeable.

    This one: I'm 10 weeks today. I have always heard that you show earlier with your 2nd but so far, nothing. So that may not be true for me. I need to be better at taking weekly pics with this kiddo, then I can better compare. I'm not losing weight this time around. I'm constantly hungry so there for, constantly eating. I've gained 2 lbs already.

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  • With my first it was about 18 weeks when I looked pregnant and not bloated/fat.
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  • Two of my girlfriends had visible bumps at 12 weeks each. They are both very fit/toned women and I was shocked to see them both pretty big by 12 weeks, one with a boy and one with a girl. Every woman's body is different, if you show early on its okay, EMBRACE IT!
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    Despite being a size xs/s no one could really tell I was pregnant until the last weeks. I just didn't really show and not sure why as I gained enough weight (I think 25-30 pounds?) This pregnancy #2 I am super bloated already and in maternity pants.

  • With DS I started showing around 20 weeks.

  • With DS I was in maternity pants full time with a noticeable bump around 16 weeks. DS is only 18 months old, my poor abs just can't handle it this time around lol I'm 10 weeks, and I can just now feel my uterus coming out of my pelvic bone, but my stomach looks like I did at 6 months with DS. I can't suck it in and it never goes away. I gave up and just ordered some new maternity jeans. I've been wearing maternity sweats around the house, but it's getting ridiculous.
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  • I don't think I started to barely show with baby #1 until about 14/15 weeks. I remember having my 20 week U/S and thinking: 'I always thought I would look way more pregnant at this point!'.
    This is my 3rd pregnancy - I have had bad bloating since week 6. I am 10 weeks now and definitely showing but I've still been hiding it from people and think I've done a decent job at it. ;) Oh - also, it's twins. ;)
    So hard to tell sometimes what's true baby bump and what's bloat!
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