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Girl Name to go with James

DH and I are completely at a loss for girl names. I want something that goes with DS's name, James, but I don't need it to be matchy matchy. MN would definitely be Katheryne (family spelling...I know it's not correct, bah), and last name is two syllabus, starts with K and a 'core' sound (so even though I love Cora, it's a no-go).

Our Top 3:
Maren (my favorite, but I don't love how it sounds with Katheryne)
Juliet (DH's favorite, but I don't love both siblings having the same first initial)
Audrey (we both like, but not as much as our favorites ;), and I'm worried it would be confused with Aubrey, which is super popular in our area, ugh)

Any suggestions? The only girl name that's off limits is Claire (which was always one of my favorites, so bah!). Thanks ladies!
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Re: Girl Name to go with James

  • I think Audrey Katheryne has the best flow of the three and Audrey and James go really well together

    Suggestions....James and...

    Violet Katheryne
    Nora Katheryne
    Charlotte Katheryne
    Lila Katheryne
    Sophia Katheryne
    Anna Katheryne
    Elena Katheryne
    Eloise Katheryne
    Eliza Katheryne
    Isla Katheryne
    Mila Katheryne
    Lucia Katheryne
    Holly Katheryne
    Ada Katheryne
    Maeve Katheryne
    Willa Katheryne
  • @LNic5 I agree that Audrey sounds the best of our top three. I just don't want her to be confused with the 50 million Aubrey/Aubree/Aubreighs that are running rampant around our area. From your list, I love Eloise, Ada, and Willa. Thank you!
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  • Audrey Katheryne songs a bit Hepburn-y but otherwise has a nice for. Maven is story cure but didn't sound right with Katheryne.

    Eloise & Willa are great contenders
  • I really like Juliet! I wouldn't worry about the alliteration unless it really bothers you.
  • As soon as I saw James I thought Julia, then I saw Juliet on your list. I think Juliet Katheryne is beautiful!
  • I really like Maren! I think it is a beautiful name, and I don't think it sounds that bad with the MN?
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  • I like Audrey, and the previously suggested Eloise, Ada and Willa.

    Additional suggestions

  • We have an Audrey and she does often get the Aubrey mistake, which is terrible.

    Maren was my top choice for this LO and Juliet is gorgeous, so I don't think you can go wrong with any of them! They all fit well with the MN.
  • We are considering Hayden James for our daughter.
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