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what do you think of this name for a girl

So i pick kaylana and her dad wants amari for the middle name so it will be kaylana amari ..im iffy on it

Re: what do you think of this name for a girl

  • The first name is iffy to me. I have combined 2 names together but these are two I wouldn't. Just nms. Maybe just Kayla, Lana or Kayleen?
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  • Can at least one of her names not be made up? Kaylana is very similar sounding to Keilani which is a Hawaiian name I've heard a few times living in California.
  • Leilani or keilani is very pretty. Kaylana is NMS personally. I like Amara a lot as well. Amari just looks like an attempt to be unique to me and I prefer the rounded sound of Amara better anyway.

  • Amaya is also pretty!

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  • I think Amari is a better choice. Kaylana comes across as a made up smoosh name, a bit teen mom.
  • I would flip them if you are set on using them.
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  • Agree that using recognized names, such as Keilani and Amara, might be a better choice.
  • I think Keilani is beautiful and more recognizable but also very similar to what you were going for.
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  • use real names please

  • I don't like Kaylana, but I do like Amari. I have nice associations with that name.
    How about Lana?
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  • I like both together just fine.
  • use real names please

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