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I have a few questions...

1. When did your baby start eating 3 meals a day?

2. How many baby bullet cups  did you child eat at 7 1/2 mos?

3. How much breastmilk/formula did your child have as well?


I am new at this. I decided to use the baby bullet instead of jar foods. I don't know when and how I should increase the amount of food. I have an issue with pumping too. right now I pump about 5oz and this is how much she eats. I need some tips and tricks.

Thank you in advance friends!!

Re: Baby Bullet

  • 1. Both my kids started on 3 meals a day around 9 months old.

    2. I had a baby bullet for my first child but I used ice trays to freeze the food that I made. Generally my son would eat the equivalent of a 6oz jar of food in one sitting - so 2 or 3 ice cubes of food? I didn't give my second child any baby food. She went right to regular food because she wasn't interested in anything pureed.

    3. Up until a year old, both of my children were having 24 oz of formula - four 6 oz bottles a day.

    If you want tips and tricks for pumping I suggest going over to the breastfeeding board. Also, your Pedi should be guiding you along when it comes to solids and meals at each of your well child checks. Maybe give him or her a call?


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