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help please!

I'm 35 weeks and some days last night I was feeling good alittle swollen but not crazy bad but it was time to go to sleep and it started off fine but then I woke up in horrable pain in my right lower back and there was one realky bad spot that was unbarrable and I keot moving to maybe stop it my belky woy ld keeo getting hard and soft but I got my husband up to get me pain meds and he thought I was having contractions and told me to count how far apart which I coukdnt do but not all my mucus olug had came out just like 4 little pieces and blood and haven't bleed sibce Thursday?

Re: help please!

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  • What's the question?
  • At this stage in the game OP, call your doctor. If there is sharp, unbearable pain, bleeding, regular pains, call your doctor. If you can't get a hold of your doctor, head to the hospital. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Good luck, I hope all is well.
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  • I hope you are ok, that was very difficult to decipher. This is a perfect example of when to call your doctor. Take care
  • What did I just read?

    So confused.
  • Not sure what the question was... But rule of thumb, the answer is always "CALL YOUR DOCTOR".
    I'm not a medical professional, I cannot give you "proper" medical advice.
  • Bad enough that english is not my first language. This makes no sense.
  • I really have no clue what you said but call your dr or go to L&D
  • Reading stuff like this makes me glad I didn't go into medicine for a career. I would have zero patience... But I agree with everyone else. Call your doctor.
  • I hope everything is OK - Incredibly hard to understand what you wrote but im hoping you called your Dr and were able to talk through the issues you were having. Goodluck
  • I gave up reading. Not in the mood to try and solve the puzzle.
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